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Lori Mills

I am a registered Democrat and disagree with a lot of the material you print. But to be fair, your article about the gender issues in the public schools, if true, is demonstrative of how truly absurd the woke left has become on secondary problems given the enormous challenges facing our country in general.

I’m writing because I will not vote for Jacqui Irwin for the California Assembly for several reasons. That leaves Lori Mills as my only choice or otherwise I waste my vote. In your “Candidates Speak” section, she does a nice job of describing herself, but I take issue with a few of the specifics she mentions. Each of these attempts to push a “hot button” but without thinking it through.

For example, cash bail is egregiously unfair to a large segment of the population wrongfully arrested while certain millionaires accused of murder walk around free for years. Cash bail is not a simple yes or no; the system needs systemic revision.

I’m not sure what Lori means by ‘ending the prevailing wage’ but I suspect it implies that restaurants are struggling due to the high cost of labor. Restaurants have a variety of expenses including labor, and I suspect that most if not all are higher due to inflation. Is it Lori’s position that kitchen and wait staff must work for lower wages in order to subsidize the restaurant’s owners? We argue in this country over $15 an hour which is almost starvation wages in the modern economy. Somehow every restaurant I’ve been to lately is packed!

Suspending the Gas Tax is a Band Aid. Besides, if properly used, the Gas Tax is necessary for the proper maintenance of our roads. In general, Americans are spoiled brats when it comes to gas prices compared to the rest of the world. A better approach might be to find out why California’s price at the pump is about twice what it is in the rest of the country. Of course, that exercise takes work, something not always attributable to the Assembly.

The water issue troubles me the most. The problem is existential. Our elected officials and unelected water authorities have totally failed us at every level. Lori is not concerned about the steelhead trout – she should be. She likes to eat, most of us do, too. But a lot of the crops grown in California [and Arizona] use way too much water relative to the food produced.

Finally, people advocating for desalination frankly don’t know what they’re talking about. Comparing California to Saudi Arabia is ludicrous. By the way, the Saudis buy and lease land in the USA [and other countries] to grow crops which they send back to Saudi Arabia. So, we ship our water to the Middle East in the form of alphalfa a



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