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Josh Sattley has spent more than a decade on the Beverly Hills fire de­partment and enjoyed a great relation­ship with the community and with his bosses — until a month ago when “That whole relationship went side­ways,” he says. The reason?



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California Legislators Lend Helping Hand to Murderers

Civil societies hold people responsible for criminal con­duct and its foreseeable conse­quences. No one is entitled to a free pass. However, California legislators have begun to change that, and the results have been as frightening as they are mystify­ing.

Now You’re Cooking: Pumpkin Season Is Here

This time of year, cans of pumpkin puree are flying off the shelves (grab some while you can!). It’s an essential ingredient in getting our seasonal pumpkin fix. We use it in everything from pies, muffins and breads to soups and chili.

Bring Back the Old Marmonte League

Mediocrity in football … It all started 5 years ago with no hitting in practice. How can you prepare for the game of football if you don’t practice the game at full speed?

Now You’re Cooking: Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips and Easy Apple Galette

There’s so much to look forward to in fall — football, cozy sweaters, slow-cooked dinners and, of course, all things apple. Both of this month’s recipes celebrate the season’s most popular fruit. While apples are available in the U.S. year round, many varieties reach peak ripeness in the early fall, from late August through October.

Emergency Meeting Rallies Californians to Action

On the evening of September 13, hundreds gathered at Godspeak Calva­ry Chapel church in Newbury Park for a town hall-style emergency meeting to address...

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