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T.O. City Council Candidates Speak: Ed Jones

Ed Jones, Thousand Oaks City Council Member

I’m well qualified to run as I have solid legislative experience at the local level: as city councilman and mayor, county supervisor and chair of the board, director, Conejo Recs & Park District.

We need to preserve and protect our lovely city. I’m especially concerned that recent trends in development applications before the city could lead to tall buildings, traffic congestion and canyonization of Thousand Oaks Blvd – I want to prevent that. Also, I’m gathering signatures to overturn Senate Bill 9, which would allow someone to construct four very small houses on one residential lot — this must be stopped. Lastly, we must do all we can to keep mobile park residents in their homes and solve the homeless problem.

How has leadership failed? This assumes leadership is failing. I don’t believe it. We’re doing well, but can do better. We have a fine city. We need to not only preserve and protect it, but we can also improve it along the lines I mentioned above.

Voters should know that I take public office very seriously. As Al Smith, former governor of New York, used to say, “A public office is a public trust.” I look on every day as a day I can help one or more of our citizens. I have a 24-hour rule: I respond to constituent requests for help within 24 hours. My idea of a perfect day in office is one in which I solve someone’s problem.


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