* Commentary: Democrats and Republicans Want to Know


Can you remember when you visited your first polling station and filled out your first ballot to vote?  

Though it was new to me, I could sense this was something important and significant. After casting my vote, I felt strangely fulfilled, proud, and invigorated. I trusted the system and felt a new reverence for my country. Voting was something that I could do that actually mattered. I was confident in the process and was excited to learn the results.  

This “confidence” in the election system is the engine that drives our Republic. We acknowledge and accept government officials, even though we may not vote for them, because we are confident that the process of their election is fair. Legally participating in the election process is what good citizens do.

I had never questioned an election loss. I know that my will is not always in line with the majority.  

However, this past election was unlike any other. When we went to bed late on election night nearly all swing states supposedly stopped counting. President Trump was up significantly in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan. The GOP was gaining house seats in swing states.  

Yet, when we awoke, the margins in the swing states had unbelievably evaporated overnight due to massive incursions of votes that nearly unanimously went for Biden. 

For the first time in my life, I no longer felt a sense of confidence in the outcome of the election.  

For the first time in my life, I found myself questioning how the vote-counting process worked. What are the checks and balances? How do we ensure accuracy and minimize the opportunity for fraud?

As I look at how our voting process works, it is clear that transparency in the vote-counting process is extremely important. Observers from any interested party need to be allowed access to witness the counting. Yet, in this past election, vote counting went on in key swing states (particularly Philadelphia) without observers. Numerous witnesses filed legal affidavits declaring that they were forcefully prohibited from observing the counting within a reasonable distance.

How is it that in some precincts in key swing states there were more people registered to vote than there were citizens? Of the key swing states in question, hundreds of identical signatures appeared on different ballots. Many states had multiple times the number of citizens over the age of ninety voting than in previous elections, often more than once. Many counties were not cleaning up their voter rolls by removing people who had passed away.  

The Epoch Times reported that according to Phill Kline, director of the Thomas More Foundation’s Amistad Project, one US Postal Service subcontractor indicated that “130,000 to 280,000 completed ballots” went missing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, after being transported by him across state lines from Bethpage, New York.

As reported on December 1, 2020, in The Epoch Times.com, a poll observer in Michigan claimed that military ballots were received that looked like “Xerox Copies” all for Biden.  She also claims that none of those military batch votes were for voters who were registered, and election workers “had to manually enter the names and addresses and a birth date of 1/1/2020, which would override the system and allow them to enter nonregistered voters, of which I saw several…throughout the day,” she said.

When she tried to challenge them, she was told “No.”

In a Pennsylvania hearing that discussed the election data, one analyst, Ret. Col Phil Waldren, a former combat officer with a background in Army information and electronic warfare, described election data. He described huge vote dumps that occurred in a very short timeframe. According to Col Waldren, these spikes are prime indicators of fraud.

When analyzing the vote spikes, Col Waldren indicated that 570,000 of the votes were for Biden and only 3,200 were for President Trump. It is not statistically probable that Biden received 99.5% of the votes of a suspicious 600,000 ballot dump. 


As if these irregularities aren’t enough, there is particular concern regarding a Canadian company, Dominion Voting Systems. Their machines are used by some 40 states in hundreds of districts and some 37 counties in California alone, including Ventura County. Critics’ charges include vote manipulation observed in real-time and the inexplicable reversal of thousands of votes overnight. 

In a recent lawsuit in Georgia, former Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell has made some very strong allegations against Dominion Voting Systems. Among these are charges that the machines were accessed by China and Iran “in order to manipulate elections,” including the 2020 election. She goes on to explain that the software (Smartmatic) that was used by Dominion was designed for the Venezuelan government with the specific purpose to rig elections. Her source was a former national security detail for former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

The 100+ page lawsuit also describes how the voting machines can be manipulated easily with a screwdriver in about 7 minutes. The complaint goes on to explain that operators have the ability to selectively delete scanned ballots.

According to Politico, a Georgia election official claimed that a software “glitch” that suddenly stopped the voting process simultaneously in two counties was caused intentionally: “Marcia Ridley of the Spalding County Board of Elections had initially attributed the glitches to a vendor’s 11th-hour update and to the voting tabulation equipment only hours prior to the election.” 

While Dominion officials deny the allegations, they refused to sit down in front of Congress to answer questions regarding their systems. If these charges were not true, one would think that the organization would sue for defamation. Yet, as of the time of this writing, no such lawsuit has been filed.

As reported by Bowen Xiao in The Epoch Times on November 30, 2020, in Michigan a freelance contract IT worker for Dominion Voting Systems (Melissa Carone) submitted an affidavit alleging that the Dominion Voting machines in Detroit were connected to the Internet.  

“They gave us a binder that they told us to go through, which actually was very beneficial to me and a lot of the attorneys because it gave a lot of information regarding their software and image cast and how, yes, the machines were connected to the Wi-Fi. Absolutely,” she told The Epoch Times. “It even says it in there.”

“In the manual that they provided me with, it says to make sure that every tabulating machine is connected via Ethernet cable,” Carone said. 

Are our local elections safe?

The Los Angeles Times reported that in Los Angeles County two people were arrested on November 17th in connection with a local city election to unseat an incumbent mayor in the city of Hawthorne. These two allegedly submitted 8,000 fraudulent voter registrations. A fraudulent voter registration creates a ballot that is mailed to an address. The person who fills out the ballot does not need to show ID. That person simply needs to fill out and sign the ballot.    

These people were likely caught because the fraud was blatant and obvious. In a city with only 44,000 voters, 8,000 registrations are quite noticeable. 

The same article indicated that another investigation is underway regarding footage of a Biden supporter who reportedly went to a South L.A. senior center and collected “incomplete ballots” with a promise “to fill in the rest.”

What checks and balances are in place to ensure that fraud is not happening?

If the national election results were impacted by cheating, down-ballot votes may have been manipulated also. Ventura County used Dominion Systems in the process of counting votes. Citizens need to be confident that their votes were not altered or incorrectly counted. 

No matter who wins or who loses, I believe in America and Americans…where wrong is still considered wrong and right is still right. Without proper checks and balances, without honor and integrity, either party can be unequally favored. Developing a trusted and nationally implemented voting system should be a priority regardless of party affiliation.

We should fight for clarity in our election process in order to remain “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” We need to be tough enough to go where the truth leads. Gratefully, we are a resilient nation and more than capable of developing safeguards that will, with proper checks and balances, restore full confidence in our voting system.

These days America seems to be divided on a lot of issues. However, I believe that the vast majority of Americans believe in the right of each citizen to have an equal vote.     

Regardless of party affiliation, confidence in the integrity of the election process is what drives a successful Republic. The notion of accepting what could be a fraudulent voting system erodes trust and disenfranchises the will of law-abiding citizens. No matter what it costs or how much effort is involved, we must make every effort to ensure that election processes are safe, legal, and fair. We cannot allow observers to be pushed out of vote counting rooms. We must encourage in-person voting with voter ID to ensure that the people who are voting are who they say they are. We cannot allow voting data to be sent via the Internet. Without that confidence, the seeds of discord will continue, and America’s integrity will be rendered meaningless. Americans will become disenfranchised, and “We the People” will become subservient to whoever controls the counting of the votes.

We cannot tolerate voter fraud. The cost is too great. We must fix this now. The foundational freedom of our nation is at stake. 


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