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Domino’s Delivers for CVUSD

Pizza Fridays are a lunch staple for local public school students, and Domino’s is pulling in more than $8,000 per week for deliveries to Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) middle and high schools.

Parents might be surprised Domino’s is on the cafeteria menu, considering its reputation for being fast and cheap, the food of college students on tight budgets. But Domino’s has created a “Smart Slice” pizza that features pepperoni with 33 percent less fat and 50 percent less sodium than their traditional pepperoni and mozzarella with half the fat and less sodium than their regular mozzarella.

With that recipe, Domino’s rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually feeding public school kids in the Conejo Valley.

Domino’s “Smart Slice” pizza features pepperoni with 33 percent less fat and 50 percent less sodium.

An analysis of the district’s “fresh baked pizza” expenses over the last 12 months (December 2022 through November 2023) found that Domino’s Pizza billed the district $305,000. The highest single billed month was March 2023, at $54,680. During November 2023, the most recent month for which payments are available, CVUSD paid Domino’s (which includes Kourosh Enterprises, which operates a local Domino’s franchise) $30,786, or 7 percent of the month’s food expenses. See all November cafeteria food expenses in the accompanying chart.

What the Kids Eat: (above) Itemized “Food” vendors are shown for last November, taken from a page of the November warrants list. The “Food” category is for cafeteria expenses only. Foods purchased for club meetings or individual classrooms would be listed under other budget categories. Gray highlights are original to the document and not highlighted by the Guardian.

Domino’s is not the highest-paid food vendor — that distinction goes to Gold Star Foods with a March 2023 bill totaling $205,564, or 49 percent of November cafeteria food expenses. Gold Star provides frozen pizza products, produce, breads, desserts and other food products. Gold Star serves frozen pizza to Pre-K through 5th-grade students, while Domino’s delivers “fresh baked pizza” to middle and high school students.

November 2023Domino’s Pizza$30,786
October 2023Domino’s Pizza$36,878
September 2023Domino’s Pizza$17,768
August 2023Domino’s Pizza$3,265
July 2023Domino’s Pizza$150
June 2023Domino’s Pizza$37,465
May 2023Domino’s Pizza$41,319
April 2023Domino’s Pizza$13,055
March 2023Domino’s Pizza$54,680
February 2023Domino’s Pizza$12,214
January 2023Domino’s Pizza$42,899
December 2022Domino’s Pizza$14,442
Source: Conejo Valley Unified School District monthly warrant lists.

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