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Locals Reject Booster Shots

Like most Americans, Ventura County residents are saying a resounding “No, thanks” to COVID boosters.

Just 13 percent of Ventura County residents have taken the bivalent booster shots, a massive decline from the initial COVID shot acceptance rate of 73.3 percent, official California data shows (see covid19.ca.gov). As of December 2022, only 11 percent of eligible Americans have received a bivalent COVID-19 booster.

The data also shows that a minority (43 percent) of Ventura County residents chose to receive boosters — perhaps because the boosters are being barely shown to work. According to CNN, “Those ages 50 to 64 [who took the bivalent booster] were 28% less likely [to get sick with COVID-19], and those ages 65 and up were 22% less likely to get sick with COVID-19 than the unvaccinated group.”

That’s a far cry from the initial claims of 100 percent efficacy for the original shots — efficacy which declined rapidly over time, proving false the idea of durable protection from infection and transmission.

County leaders remain silent about plummeting acceptance rates. Public health officers declined the Guardian’s offers to comment. They pointed a reporter to the County’s website — which, it turns out, doesn’t even list the bivalent booster’s dismal acceptance rate, perhaps because it would be bad PR.

The County’s website still reads, “COVID-19 vaccines are recommended for anyone ages 6 months and older.”

The official percentage of “boosted” Ventura County residents listed at covid19.ca.gov is derived from a smaller number of eligible people (620,623) than were eligible for the original COVID shots (850,054), distorting the apparent percentage of bivalent booster acceptance. The Guardian based its numbers correctly on the original number of eligible people.


  1. This is great news – although it is sad that anyone still believes the Covid scam! 34,122 deaths have already been reported in the United States from Covid injections (they are not vaccines by any historical definition – vaccines are not good either). https://openvaers.com/covid-data. So why are these lethal injections still on the market and being advertised for everyone? Why does your tap water have flouride added without your consent, your food genetically modified and sprayed with poison (pesticide/herbicide), your sky sprayed with aluminum and barium, fast food, coffee, and liquor stores on every corner, your baby vaccinated for Hep B in the delivery room, your baby boy sexually mutilated without anastesia (circumcision)? Because weak/hurt people are easily controlled. You cannot farm lions, only lambs.


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