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After carefully researching the two candidates for Ventura County District Attorney, the clear choice is John Barrick. The decision was simple for me, and it comes down to this: John Barrick is endorsed overwhelmingly by almost every police union in Ventura County, and Mr. Nasarenko received none. These are the men and women who are in the trenches every day and know what kind of DA we need in this county to help them fight crime.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Nasarenko’s campaign has been receiving large contributions from outside sources in the Los Angeles area, many of whom are defense attorneys and defense firms. I’m suspicious of the big interest from outside sources and defense attorneys in our local D.A. race? It is clear they like D.A. Gascon’s policies in L.A. and I question whether they are hoping to make those same disastrous reforms in our county. Please go to the county website yourself and look for to see who he major contributors are: www.sos.ca.gov

We don’t need another Los Angeles County here in Ventura County. We are better than that. We want a D.A. who puts victims first, who won’t cater to special interest groups, and who does the right thing for the right reasons.

Remember, Mr. Nasarenko was never voted in by the people of this county. He was selected by the Board of Supervisors, led by Carmen Ramirez and Matt LaVere, who are longtime cronies of his, and his selection had all the appearance of an organized and calculated strike against the former DA.

John Barrick is not a career politician, but he knows what it takes to help keep Ventura County Safe.

Vote John Barrick for D.A. (www.barrick4da.com)


  1. Expanding Government, Ive been talking about this for years, audit bloated and unaccountable local wasteful government expansion. As CVUSD lost attendance totals increase per year, average 300+ a year, now projecting 1000 this year, they hire more staff and administrators. As students leave this district, home schooling, they need more teachers, ratio at 19-1, going to 17-1, to maybe 1-1, as test scores drop. Of course you need more administrators and staff the more students they lose in attendance. The more government workers hired at CVUSD and Ventura County, the more Democrats stay in power, a quid pro quo. Highest Salaries, out of control health care cost and free millions in pensions for all who benefit, 85% of salary when retire, majority are millionaires on the front and back end. Solution is to raise taxes and prices on consumers to pay for more government workers, to keep this cycle going. Less services for community, more salaries, pensions and health care to the elite. Look at the salaries at CVUSD, double to 10X the community average, plus the best health care the taxpayer can buy. Look at the salaries at Ventura County, same story. Solution to hire more staff, more labor cost, higher raises, better paid for health and multi millions in free pensions. Look at M Powers yearly pensions and all those making 100-500K a year in salary, for life. 10-20-50 million how much is enough, on the taxpayers back? Unfunded pensions in the trillions, solution is to keep spending money we don’t have, hand it to our Royalty. Look at the average salary of 250K in local county government, that is not enough with free health care and pensions. Who is going to pay the trillions in unfunded liability caused by this? Why not 1M in salary, its all on the taxpayers dime. Keep voting far left, keep destroying our country, we are bankrupted. Dig a deeper hole, keep spending money we dont have, raise taxes and prices on all consumers to bankrupt them.


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