Petition to Recall Linda Parks Picks Up Steam

On Saturday, April 10, over one hundred community members gathered outside of Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks’ office in Thousand Oaks at the corner of Lynn Road and Hillcrest. They were there to support the recall effort against Linda Parks.  

When asked why he was at the Linda Parks recall rally, Dean Ormann said he “felt it necessary to oust any career politician that doesn’t have the local people’s interest in mind or at heart. They swear an oath. They don’t do what they say. It’s time to hold them accountable.”

Ron Meyer said, “As a long-time Democrat, Linda Parks needs to go for three reasons: “1) She violated her oath of office. 

“2) She attacked people verbally for doing the exact same thing she did when she was running for office: holding signs, being on the Lynn overpass. That was okay for her, but the minute anybody else tried to do it, she verbally assaulted them, calling them extremists. 

“3) She didn’t rise to the occasion. She knuckled under to state overreach. And geez, Louise, coming out with a statement that doesn’t even have anything to do with her job, saying that the 2020 elections were fair and impartial.”

The Conejo Guardian contacted Linda Park’s office for comments. Her office did not immediately respond or offer comment. 

Info Box:

April 8, 2021, the Ventura County Elections Division has approved the petition for Recall of Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks. The proponents now have 160 days from the date of this letter, April 8, to circulate the petition. 

A minimum of 11,067 qualified signatures is required to qualify the recall for the ballot. All signers must be registered voters living within the 2nd Supervisor District of Ventura County.

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