* What Do You Really Know About 5G?


In reading a recent letter to the editor of a local paper, I realized that it illustrated that much of the public’s misunderstanding about the level of danger posed by the proposed 5G service that brings with its “cell towers” (which actually are correctly identified as Wireless Transmission Facilities (WTFs), is based on confusion about the terminology. In that case, the letter writer attempted to deny any danger posed by “cell towers” because of his mistaken belief that there is a relationship between wattage and gigahertz, which is actually irrelevant to the question of the safety of 5G and cell phone usage. On the basis of his perception that wattage was involved, he stated the towers are not dangerous. I must refute his conclusion.

Misunderstandings of the terms involved in discussions about safety must be addressed if we are to help people understand, recognize, and combat the dangers of 5G technology. Watts are a measure of power and hertz are a measure of frequency. The issue of “cell tower safety” in terms of public health is a matter of gigahertz, not wattage. They are two completely different measures and have different impacts on human health. Comparing them is as relevant as comparing apples and oranges.

The “cell towers” mentioned in that letter are correctly identified as WTFs and can be used for 4G and/or 5G transmission, which is the reason they are a cause for grave concern. The concern is based on fact that the higher frequencies of 5G transmission, and the need for them to be located closer to one another than those for 4G, creates the health risks.
The problem is that 4G (Fourth Generation) is transmitted at 5 gigahertz, whereas 5G (Fifth Generation) is transmitted at 30 gigahertz. It’s that massively greater intensity of transmission that results in us being bombarded by six times the EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequency) compared with current levels.

High EMF levels have been shown in numerous studies to cause genetic defects. This negatively impacts all of us, but just for a moment consider the impact of this damage to pregnant women, infants, and young children. The GREATEST danger is to unborn children. None of these facts has anything to do with a discussion of wattage, which is, again, an example of why so many people are so confused by the technology as to not recognize its genuine health dangers to all of us.

If you want to become educated on the issue, please join Ventura County Issues Reform (VCIR) on Facebook and at VCIR.net. You’re invited to attend a VCIR meeting on Feb. 28th, 6pm, at The Skin Curator, 910 Hampshire Road, Suite X.

Peggy Smylie, Thousand Oaks, CA


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