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CVUSD Retirees Collect Up to $185,000 a Year

More than 900 retired Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) employees received annual pensions totaling $52,395,165 during 2021. In the Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD), more than 600 retirees drew a combined $34,604,143 in pensions during 2021.

The top retirees – those receiving more than $50,000 per year each – for both CVUSD and VCCCD are listed here.


  1. Like Social Security, teachers pay into the California teachers retirement plan and benefits are related to years of service. The money is invested by the state and delivered by the state. Teachers work hard for their thirty years to get the maximum benefits. What are you trying to imply by publishing these numbers?

  2. Why publish names and pensions? Do not blame retired employees for their pensions. They worked hard and paid in to the program.

  3. Worked hard lol. The subsequent generations have become dumber and dumber whilst teacher pay and benefits gets higher and higher. These “educators” are nothing more than babysitters and the new “educators” are only teaching for the purpose of indoctrinating communism and homosexuality. All pensions should be revoked because they are responsible for destroying Conejo Valley public education, not furthering it.

  4. The district also pays into pension funds, big time. Teachers’ benefits are far better than most of the private sector’s. The private sector must actually compete and manage costs, while govt’s take a greater and greater share of the pie. School Boards are de facto controlled by unions. Taxpayers are shamed into voting for all that. So, the Conejo Guardian is doing a public service by presenting little-known facts, so that voters can make better decisions. FYI- my wife is a retired Oxnard teacher.

  5. Why are you publishing these names? I recognize many teacher’s names on this list. They were all wonderful, dedicated teachers who worked hard for many, many years in CVUSD. Teachers do not pay into Social Security so they do not receive those type of benefits. They receive a pension that they worked toward and paid into. So, what is the purpose of this article? It feels to me like you are trying to stir up trouble for the school district. I am not a huge fan of CVUSD, but I am concerned about these retired teacher’s names being published and being harassed. They don’t deserve it.

  6. Taxpayers employ the teachers. Employers should care how much they pay their employees. Maybe this is a great bargain for the value we’re getting back, but how can we know unless we know how much we’re paying and what we’re getting in return? A lot of people may be surprised to see that teachers can make a lot of money if you count their pension, since we’re used to thinking of teachers as being low paid.

    For the record, my high school chemistry teacher Mr. Galanda was worth every cent! So glad to see he’s still collecting a pension. What an amazing teacher.

  7. Amen , Barbara & Ellen ! Theses folks in unions do not receive Social Security, this is it for them. I will say in addition to this discussion, my son is a teacher at LAUSD and its despicable what teachers and staff are being paid. Every teacher who starts young and retires out of teaching deserve retirement higher than $50,000 a year! Just take a look at where California ranks in educating our youngsters. So sad and misguided.Pitiful ! Teachers are the building block of our society. Our educational system needs a fresh tuneup. Hope and pray it turns around.

  8. It’s not that they don’t deserve pensions, it’s that the amount they receive is much more than in the private sector and that’s on top of the salaries and benefits they receive while employed, which was lower than the private sector but is now on par or more.


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