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Letters to the Editor: February 2023 Print Edition

Letters to the Editor include letters and comments sent to our post office box and email inbox and made in the comments section of articles at conejoguardian.org. Some are condensed for space or corrected for grammar.

Acorn Survives on Gov’t Money

Absolutely stellar investigative reporting that should embarrass the hell out of the local rags who slurped up those blood diamond dollars. I am so proud to know these people at The Conejo Guardian. Etch their name on the correct side of history.

I only wish there was legal, ethical or even peer accountability in addition.

Tim Toton

Thanks for real journalism. Keep it up. People need to know the truth.

Caleb Standafer, Jr

I knew the Acorn was taking money from somebody for several years as they continually pushed deception onto their readers. Shameful!

They should all be ashamed of themselves for pushing that narrative, and if any of their friends or family died as a result of their misguided nonsense, they [too] have blood on their hands. Thank you, Guardian!

During the dark days of the “lockdown/Shutdowns, I needed to read or hear something that made sense, and it was during that time I found this paper [The Conejo Guardian] on my driveway. What a Godsend! I was walking out to the trash can to throw away the Acorn and found this paper. As I started reading the cover article, my eyes lit up. I opened the lid and dunked the Acorn, then tucked the Guardian under my arm and ran into the house like a running back to read and absorb the rest.

Thank you so much, Conejo Guardian, for being my light through the darkness!

Jason J Marchelletta

Just when you think the corruption can’t get any worse, we stumble over another scam in the dark [with the Acorn receiving so much government money]. Is it that hard for liberals to be honest? Yes, because in their mind, the end justifies the means.

We’re not dealing with the garden variety “democrats” we knew before. All logic, honor and civility [have] been thrown out the door so they can advance their agenda. This problem has been festering and growing for decades behind the scenes in all corners of our society: Everything from local homeowners associations, school boards, city councils, county seats, court positions, all the way to the highest seat in the country.

There is no [such] thing as a “non-partisan” position. We need to know who they are and what they think before we vote: No more hiding behind cute bland mission statements. They will do anything they have to for the win, and unfortunately for us, we’re still playing by the rules.


Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, etc.. talked about the idea of government-subsidized newspapers in a positive way.


County’s Levin ‘A Danger to Our Society’

Dr. LeVauci (oops, Levin) and all like him are a danger to our society and the County of Ventura. I find it ironic that his salary increased almost 13 percent in December of 2020. [It] also was retro-activated back to July of 2020. Then this so-called doctor of our county’s public health was making $300,000-plus. All for the sake of making sure this false narrative took place.

His mission? To get as many as he could brainwash and threaten to take a so-called vaccine which now is finally [exposed] by brave whistleblowers, mostly doctors, to be useless and extremely dangerous. Yes, people are dying, permanently injured, unable to work, suicidal or have already committed suicide. Now we are seeing numerous amounts of “sudden deaths” in our young people from myocarditis and a high increase in myocarditis and other vax-related injuries in all ages in healthy people.

This will be the most heinous act on humankind this world has seen, and this man whom I refuse to call a doctor is a part of it — making sure to instill fear, so most (but not all) masked got inoculated or lost their jobs because they refused to be jabbed.

Our county leaders closed everything down. Most disturbing was our places of worship, which we needed desperately in that time of hopelessness. While liquor stores, casinos, [and] main grocery stores were wide open. To this day, I see people still walking in the bondage of fear created by people like this man and our government.

Doctors are holding fast to this lie to insure their grants, pensions and paychecks. All [are] paid by We The People through taxes, insurance and government. Let us all be in prayer for our nation and those who are suffering loss and who are now in fear because they got the shot(s). Pray for those who were forced to get the shot in our military, frontliners, medical staff, pilots and all industries who were mandated.

Lastly, a huge shout-out to the truth-tellers standing for justice for the innocent at the expense of their careers.

Don Sampson

CVUSD Staff Member Sent Sexual Photos to Female Student

Thank you, Conejo Guardian, for reporting on this story. I am deeply disturbed by what is happening in CVUSD. I hope this guy sees serious prison time and CVUSD becomes much more vigilant about who they hire and allow around children.

I also hope CVUSD will start monitoring their employees’ casual contacts with students outside of school hours. Many employees are “friends” with students on social media and otherwise. I have always found these practices to be inappropriate and unprofessional, but this just proves they can also be illegal and traumatic for children.

Many school districts across the country have a strict policy for teachers and staff to refrain from social media with students. CVUSD needs to get serious about protecting kids from predators within their ranks. The character expected of employees starts at the top. CVUSD needs to start by dropping their radical agenda promoting the normalization of early/minor sex.

Sandee Everett

Let Voters Fill School Board Seat

The Las Virgenes Unified School District Governing School Board has a vacant seat. The school board claims the district cannot afford to spend $250,000 on a special election to allow the community to elect someone to fill the vacant school board seat.

In July, The Acorn Newspaper reported that the district’s balance sheet showed more than $20,000,000 in cash reserves, with $23,000,000 in reserves expected by the end of this current school term.

In an August board meeting, Assistant Superintendent Ryan Gleason reviewed the financials and advised the board that the district spent $1,000,000 to install patches of fences in only 4 out of 11 district schools.

With greater than $20,000,000 in cash reserves, the district can afford $250,000 for a special election. The district always finds the money when they need it, no matter whose expense it is at. The Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village and Bell Canyon communities can collectively afford $250,000 because we are amongst the nation’s wealthiest communities. Not to mention 65 percent of the community just voted for a $340,000,000 tax hike.

I firmly believe that the board and the district are collaborating to maintain control over who is on the board by plausibly denying that the district cannot afford $250,000 for a special election. We must demand that the board change its mind and host a special election because the community’s voice has the right to be heard. The community should be electing our leaders, not our leaders electing our leaders.


Josh Alpert, LVUSD Parent


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