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CVUSD Leaders Mandate Shared Restrooms for K-12 Boys and Girls, Encourages Kids Toward Sex-change Surgeries

Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) board members and superintendent Mark McLaughlin continue to implement policies considered unthinkable just months ago, forcing K-12 schools to:

  • Allow men in girls’ restrooms/locker rooms and overnight cabins
  • Create support teams for boys who want their penises surgically removed and girls who want their breasts removed
  • Put tampons in middle-school boys’ restrooms (see AR3517)

These policies, expressed clearly in board policies excerpted below, come as millions of people nationwide express outrage over the district’s sexualization of students. Viral videos and news reports on leading TV and radio programs have put CVUSD in the spotlight as they try to defend policies which include the following (emphases added):

— encouraging kids of all ages to choose their gender, name and pronouns while hiding this from parents (see school board code AR5145.3 and “Conejo Valley Unified School District Student Support Services Department Confidential School Success Plan” at conejousd.org)
prohibiting staff and teachers from disclosing a student’s “preferred name and pronouns consistent with his/her gender identity” to parents (see policy reference above)
— creating support teams for kids as they embrace “gender transition,” a process which includes taking life-altering puberty-blocking drugs and having penises and breasts surgically removed while they are teenagers (see policy reference above)
— allowing all males to use all female restrooms (see policy reference above)
— allowing minor students to leave school for medical treatments, including for abortion and gender-transition surgery/drug prescription (see Board Policy 5113).

In response, the district has launched an “anti-disinformation” campaign to try to dodge tough questions from parents. Below are a few highlights, taken word-for-word from CVUSD policies:

— “Determining a Student’s Gender Identity: The compliance officer shall accept the student’s assertion of gender identity and begin to treat the student consistent with that gender identity unless district personnel present a credible and supportable basis for believing that the student’s assertion is for an improper purpose.”

— “1. Refusing to address a student by a name and the pronouns consistent with their gender identity [constitutes gender-based harassment].

— “A student shall be entitled to access facilities and participate in programs and activities consistent with their gender identity.”

— “7. Blocking a student’s entry to the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity [constitutes gender-based harassment].”

— “4. Revealing a student’s transgender status to individuals who do not have a legitimate need for the information, without the student’s consent — “7. Blocking a student’s entry to the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity [constitutes gender-based harassment].”

— “Right to privacy: A student’s transgender or gender-nonconforming status is their private information and the district will only disclose the information to others with the student’s prior written consent, except when the disclosure is otherwise required by law or when the district has compelling evidence that disclosure is necessary to preserve the student’s physical or mental well-being.”

“Blocking a student’s entry to the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity [constitutes gender-based harassment].” — CVUSD

See related articles in this issue for more of the exact policy CVUSD follows regarding its support of gender confusion and “gender transition” and the lawsuit brought by parents against the district for promoting medically inaccurate, age-inappropriate sex-ed materials and surveys.


  1. I’m hesitant to trust this article I asked if information was factual once I got from the guardian on nextdoor and got a lot of negative feedback but currently I’m struggling with my middle school cvusd student refuses to go to school and when he does go he is hiding in the bathroom during class or somehow ends up in nurse offices and school dose not call me.


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