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Jeff Schwartz has sound ideas about T.O. housing development

Jeff Schwartz has sound ideas about T.O. housing development
At the recent League of Women Voters Forum, Thousand Oaks City Council candidate Jeff Schwartz discussed the trade-offs regarding development. He said that “If we over-develop the city it could adversely affect the character of the city, and if we under-develop, we may not have enough affordable housing.”
Jeff speaks for me, my friends, and my family when he says that the majority Thousand Oaks residents want controlled growth. Jeff is calling for complete transparency when approving new housing projects, and he’s for pushing back against needless red tape from Sacramento. He’s against special interest groups and he’s calling for a competitive bidding process once projects are approved. This is a sound position.
Let’s never again be put in a situation where large numbers of residents question the wisdom of approved deals such as the Caruso condo deal. Let’s support Jeff Schwartz’s reasonable compromise proposals that will benefit our residents and not special interests.


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