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Conejo Together Education Alliance and Antifa – A Partnership

Conejo Together Education Alliance and Antifa – A Partnership
The Conejo Together Education Alliance (Let’s call them CTEA) is an interesting organization. Founded in January of 2020, the goal of this committee was to promote the election of like-minded candidates for school board trustee.
In 2022 Conejo Together Education Alliance (Let’s call them CTEA) committee changed it’s name to “Committee to Support Powell, Goldberg, and Gorback for CVUSD Trustee 2022”. That would be CSPGG4CVUSD, well maybe not.
The Ventura County Campaign Finance Reform Ordinance defines two types of committees; Independent Committees and the Candidate Controlled Committee. The Conejo Together Education Alliance would be an independent committee. It also states that a Candidate may only have one controlled committee. That makes sense…. Keep those candidates honest.
Interesting enough, a consistent donor this for the past year has been William Gorback. Who is William Gorback? Well, until this 2022 he resided in Thousand Oaks. Now, according to Campaign Statement filings, he discloses his address a Tempe Az,. But wait, isn’t Bill Gorback running for Conejo Valley School district. California? Are you confused? I know I am.
Bill Gorback’s campaign committee is “Gorbeck 4 Conejo Valley School Board 2022”. Remember that a candidate can only control one committee? Under the guise of independence should the candidate be donating money to an independent committee?
So if you navigate to the Conejo Together Education Alliance, and donate you will find that it is also supported by ActBlue, which is a Democratic Party campaign funding organization. On the website you can contribute directly to CTUA or to Act Blue. This certainly not present a nonpartisan funding approach. Does act blue donate the money back to the committee? That has not been disclosed on campaign finance filings. But the funding becomes a little more shady
Let’s also go a little deeper. Many times you can tell what the objectives of an organization is by examining their supporters. Who are the supporters of this organization, and who has lent assistance in their fund raising efforts? Would it surprise you if it was our very own Canejo Valley Antifascist? (Antifa) Well, if you are lucky enough to be versed in social media you would find out on Twitter how active they have been in suppressing a local conservative new paper, the Conejo Guardian. On their Twitter account you will find how they have been actively collecting the newspapers from driveways and lawns in an effort to protect the people form conservative views and opinions thus expressed.
But what is even more startling is the fund raising campaign they have created for our local school board candidates. If you donate money to one of three committees listed on their Twitter account they will burn a stack of these “questionably” obtained newspapers in celebration of achieving their goals. Yeah …..way to go Antifascists….. burn those books you do not agree with. It should be known that one of these committees receiving the donations in support of this activity is, none other than the Conejo Together Education Alliance. Imagine three candidates running for school board has a fund raiser that involves the burning of literature. From reading more rantings from this groups posting it will not be long before they are burning Bibles and other books they find not to be aligned with their radical ideology. Will Gorback, Goldberg and Powell benefit from this and who knows what other activates Antifa has planned. You can see who has donated to this organization on the Ventura County Clerk Campaign disclosure website.


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