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Dr Lisa Powell has my vote for school board (area 2)

Dr. Lisa Powell has my vote for CVUSD school board trustee (Area 2), and I hope she will have yours also. Her background as an educational research consultant, social worker, community volunteer, and CVUSD parent makes her uniquely qualified. Her career in social work and public education research will benefit students, parents, district employees, and her fellow trustees.

Dr. Powell’s opponent, Joelle Mancuso, has no experience in public education and continues to sow discord in our district. Interestingly, her three adult children did not attend CVUSD schools despite having lived in the Conejo Valley for more than 25 years. What is her agenda? She talks a lot about honesty and transparency. What is she hiding? Watchman on the Wall, a political legal prayer group that helps ordinary citizens become engaged in local issues, highlights Joelle Mancuso as a Watchman candidate. Their decree: “We have been given legal power and authority from heaven;” “We are equipped and delegated by Him to destroy every attempted advance of the enemy;” “We decree that our judicial system will issue rulings that are biblical and constitutional;” “We declare that we take back influence at the local level in our communities.” Unfortunately, this is not a joke.

Dr. Powell has represented herself fairly and with integrity and has demonstrated her commitment to ALL students and parents. She is a solid choice for our children. Please join me in voting for Lisa Powell for CVUSD Trustee in Area 2.


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