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CVUSD Allows Boys in Girls’ Bathrooms, Punishes Students for Using ‘Wrong Pronouns’

Joel Kilpatrick
Joel Kilpatrick
Joel Kilpatrick is a writer and journalist.
We encourage readers to click the various links within the document below to see the specific policies referenced in the master CVUSD document here:

In response to parents’ demands for policy clarity, the Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) released a bombshell document on September 21 in which the superintendent and board members declared that:

— menstrual products will be placed in boys’ restrooms in all 6th-12th-grade CVUSD schools;

— boys/men will be allowed to use girls’/women’s restrooms and locker rooms without hindrance;

— students, teachers and staff will be punished for using a student’s “wrong pronouns”;

— boys are allowed to dress like girls, and girls are allowed to dress like boys;

— schools may create “support team[s]” to help gender-confused students in their “transition” to another gender, which could include taking puberty-blocking drugs and having genital-mutilating surgeries;

— teachers and staff may not share with parents any information they receive about a student’s gender confusion, questions about sexuality or potential mental health problems.

The wide-ranging, multi-sourced document, available at the district website, moves local schools squarely into the realm of the bizarre, criminal and dangerous. For example, CVUSD policy says those who refuse “to address a student by a name and the pronouns consistent with their gender identity” are engaged in “gender-based harassment.” This forces all students, teachers and staff to abide by the gender and pronoun choices of students suffering from gender dysphoria and other mental health issues — at risk of punishment or firing.

“However, inadvertent slips or honest mistakes by district personnel in the use of the student’s name and/or consistent pronouns will, in general, not constitute a violation of this administrative regulation or the accompanying district policy,” CVUSD stated.

According to CVUSD, “gender identity” means “the student’s internal sense of their gender, whether or not that gender-related identity, appearance, or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the student’s physiology or assigned sex at birth.” It is unclear where this definition came from, if it has any scientific or established social basis, or if CVUSD or state leaders simply made it up.

The uniforms/dress code policy reflects the new approach, stating, “A student has the right to dress in a manner consistent with the student’s gender identity.”

CVUSD Promotes Child Genital Mutilation

The school district now embraces the idea that children can choose to be a different gender, which can involve taking puberty-blocking drugs and electing to have drastic, life-altering surgeries at a young age to remove breasts or penises — procedures that cannot be reversed.

CVUSD policy says a “transgender student” is not suffering from normal teenage confusion or mental illness but rather is “a student whose gender identity is different from the gender they were assigned at birth.” The district offers to create a “support team” to help any student’s “gender transition,” which CVUSD defines as “the process in which a student changes from living and identifying as the sex assigned to the student at birth to living and identifying as the sex that corresponds to the student’s gender identity.”

In promoting this type of behavior, CVUSD essentially encourages children to undergo genital-mutilation surgeries as part of “gender transition.” This makes every CVUSD employee party to the lifelong consequences of the surgical disfigurement of children’s genitalia in an attempt to fashion them into the genitalia of the opposite sex.

By district policy, students must also be allowed to leave campus without parental permission for medical appointments, which may involve receiving puberty-blocking drugs or abortions.

No Privacy for Girls

If your grade-school daughter wants to use the bathroom in peace, that may no longer be possible. CVUSD policy now says no one may stop a boy from entering a girls’ bathroom or locker room. CVUSD policy prohibits “Blocking a student’s entry to the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity.”

Students and parents unwilling to allow their children to share restrooms and locker rooms with students of the opposite sex have few options. CVUSD’s policy states, “The Board of Education of Conejo Valley Unified School District is sensitive to the privacy concerns of students who are uncomfortable with the possibility of sharing bathrooms or showers with other students. To address these concerns, the district shall offer options to address privacy concerns in sex-segregated facilities, such as a gender-neutral or single-use restroom or changing area, a bathroom stall with a door, an area in the locker room separated by a curtain or screen, access to a staff member’s office, or use of the locker room before or after the other students. However, the district shall not require a student to utilize these options because they are transgender or gender-nonconforming.”

In other words, students who are “uncomfortable” with the new policy now face limited access to locker rooms and restrooms so that students embracing gender confusion can have unlimited access to those facilities.

Keeping Student Sexuality From Parents

CVUSD policy also pledges to keep parents in the dark about some of the most serious issues students grapple with.

Policy prohibits “Revealing a student’s transgender status to individuals who do not have a legitimate need for the information, without the student’s consent,” including the student’s own parents. “A student’s transgender or gender-nonconforming status is their private information and the district will only disclose the information to others with the student’s prior written consent,” the policy states. “Any district employee to whom a student’s transgender or gender-nonconforming status is disclosed shall keep the student’s information confidential.”

The document makes clear that while the school district “believes the interests of students are best served when District staff, parents and students work together to address challenges and concerns,” the district considers itself under no obligation to tell parents about student sexuality or a student’s decision to “transition” to another gender. The furthest CVUSD will go is “to make every reasonable effort to encourage students, as permissible by statute, to allow for their parents to be involved in the discussion of these issues.”

Menstrual Products for Boys?

One among the stranger new policies is that “free menstrual products” must now be available in boys’ restrooms in 6th- to 12th-grade CVUSD schools. The policy doesn’t appear to offer any rationale for why it is needed, except for gender-confused female students who use the men’s restroom instead of their own.

In all, the CVUSD’s new policies represent a radical shift toward a variety of unproven, morally outrageous and potentially dangerous practices that will affect a generation of Conejo Valley students.


  1. Unbelievable
    This time for parents and anyone who values the moral high ground to get rid of people that would allow this anywhere

  2. Wade Frazier review of Janice Raymond’s books.


    These are Raymond’s main points:
    -There is no scientific basis for trans ideology;
    -The idea that children will commit suicide if they don’t trans has no credible scientific evidence supporting it;
    -To therefore call transing a “life-saving” treatment for children is fraudulent;
    -The physical and almost always irreversible damage from trans drugs, hormones, and surgeries, particularly to children and adolescents, is swept under the carpet by trans activists, the government, media, and other interested parties;
    -So, trans ideology and treatment turns the Hippocratic Oath of “First, do no harm” on its head, and the medical establishment is deeply complicit;
    -Raymond argued that sex stereotypes are the root of the issue, and instead of taking on the stereotypes, the situation was medicalized so that people were mutilated to conform to the stereotypes, to lucrative effect; tomboys are now called transboys, etc.;
    -Girls and women who transed and are transitioning back are being ignored, but they have perceptive things to say about the trans craze;
    -The trans craze is rooted in patriarchy, and men pretending to be women inflict prodigious amounts of violence on women, including rape and murder;
    -Feminists and others who criticize trans ideology are subjected to vicious attacks, including physically, and have lost their jobs and careers;
    -The biggest victims of this craze are children and adolescents, as their societies have failed to protect them.”

  3. I’m 84, retired Navy and from international manufacturing. A recent widower, born and raised in Ventura County, I am now looking at moving out of state. California has become the nightmare we foresaw under Democrat “leadership.”

    • So very true! Even though we have no school age children, since they are way past 12th grade. We will still move away from CA, because all the school leaders, most politicians and especially NewSCUM with his proposed higher taxes and child indoctrination in schools, are all insane. They only think of themselves and don’t give a hoot about us citizens.

  4. We never needed School Choice more. But this is your tax dollars supporting this travesty and you have every right to inform the school district that you do not approve of these actions. The district may respond that parents have no rights to curriculum choices or policy changes. Don’t believe this for one minute. Go to school board meetings and be part of the necessary change to protect your children and throw the bums out. It was done in San Francisco & other locales! Parents have the power……USE IT!

  5. This school board is disgusting, Let’s vote them all out!
    There are two sexes, men or woman. This board is out to lunch.
    Get rid of the individuals that are tooooooo stupid to understand the basics of life.

  6. Thank you, CVUSD, for creating fear, confusion, and disruption to families – all in one fell swoop! You refuse to listen to feedback from the community, as you sell out to Power brokers trying to alter the fabric of our society. Are YOU “Missionaries of the Woke” fulfilled by your ridiculous lack of objectivity? You are all guilty of stupidity beyond anything we’ve ever seen before! Who among you “decision-makers” would feel comfortable knowing your daughter or granddaughter were being forced to be exposed (no pun intended!) to this kind of destructive CRAP?
    (See JV’s comments of September 30 on “the science.”)

    • so…we are legally obligated under punishemnet/firing to accomodate the world of reality that exists nowhere on earth except in the kids noggin? Tahts like saying “there are kids in school who are alcoholics. The school must provide beer and liquor to them at taxpayers expense.” Make no mistake, transgender is no different than alcoholism…they are both behaviors, not identities

  7. This is so unfair! Who will represent the children that feel uncomfortable with being forced to have a gym locker next to someone of the opposite sex? As a young teen girl I remember being mortified to shower and dress in front of other girls in middle school! If the school district wants to go that route, they should cough up $ for individual toilets/shower stalls for everybody! Parents, it’s up to you if you think this outrageous policy needs to be changed!

  8. Please…. people are now running for the school board in our community and will be elected come November. You must scrutinize them carefully for their support or opposition to these insane ideas. CVSD is dependent on our tax dollars…. I emphasize OUR.
    We have the right to institute sane policies at CVSD and parents have complete rights to question CVSD on policies and change them if they do not agree.
    Go to the school board meetings now!!!! Your children need your help!

  9. Why is it that Joel Kilpatrick chooses to write an article that insinuates that CVUSD is some sort of outlier leading a left wing policy change? Every public school district in California, and probably most in every other state that does not actively promote taking away freedoms, has policies like these in place. CVUSD has a home schooling option, online school option, and there are private schools that offer alternatives if you are not happy with policies that are mandated by state and federal law. This article is an obvious attempt to create anger and division in a peaceful community, and the worst part is that the target of the anger is children. Joel Kilpatrick has created an unsafe environment for children who are courageous enough to be themselves. In my book that’s the work of a bigot and a coward. Joel – you should be ashamed of yourself. In a world where you can choose to be anything, the least you could choose to be is kind.

  10. Absolutely horrible. I will never understand why all are forced to not just tolerate, but accept these points of view, to the point of punishment. On top of that, who do they think they are, hiding information about their children from parents.

  11. Any of the parts where the school is attempting to bypass parental knowledge or consent will be a big no no and any first year law student will have a hey day with it. It is a massive HIPPA violation so long as the child is under 18. No matter what big britches this district wants to convince the people it has; federal law will trump it.

  12. Sensational articles like this do a disservice to the truth. Parents can opt out of Teen Talk, menstrual products aren’t required in “all” boys bathrooms, etc. Please show a modicum of decorum and control yourself and your hatred for those who aren’t like you.

    • Agree CVUSD did not make these laws. The California assembly did. (AB1266 in 2013 & AB367 in 2021) If you don’t agree you should address this at the state level.

  13. Stop blaming CVUSD. This is law at the state level (AB1266 was passed in 2014) Not saying if this is right or wrong but if you don’t agree with it then attack it at the state level. CVUSD has no choice but to follow the law.

  14. Stop this at the next board election: I suggest people vote for…
    Sophia deDomenico, Karen Meyer and Joelle Mancuso


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