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Vote Jacobs for Education Excellence

It’s an old adage that holds true today: children are the future. Unfortunately, our elected officials no longer seem to agree. From school closures and mask mandates to the increasing creep of intersectional indoctrination, our children are being failed.

Public education is a noble, reasonable goal, but even from her time in the California State Assembly, Julia Brownley favored lowering standards and passed over charter schools as an alternative to an inadequate state system. This ought to be shocking and surprising, as Brownley touts her decade-plus time on a school board. That service indicates a commitment to or interest in improving public education, but in reality reflects her decades-long desire for power: climbing the political ladder and becoming detached from the people she purports to represent.

Commentators are quick to claim the nationwide pushback to developments in public learning originate as some extremist, backwards effort to mandate religious instruction or remove all sexual education, but that’s just not the case. Parents simply want their children to focus on academic achievement and keep politics out of the classroom. That goes for changing the accepted historical narrative like with the 1619 Project and doing away with basic standards for graduation out of a misplaced aim for racial justice.

The only real positive on this front is the recent trend of the University of California system accepting higher rates of in-state students, but that success does not make up for the failures at the primary and secondary levels. California and the United States more broadly need to return to the heady days of international dominance in education, and the only hope to do so is at the ballot box. Vote Republican at all levels this November, for change and for our children.


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