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No Longer Voting Democrat!

Why? I was better off before the current President, Congress and Governor were elected. Food and gas prices, taxes, interest rates, and crime keep rising. Uncontrolled illegal immigration is straining our schools, healthcare, and housing. Why not embrace “school choice”. I don’t like being told the kind of car to buy. Why ban gas car purchases if EV’s are better? Why mandate EV’s but tell us not to recharge during heat waves – nice conflicting leadership. Why restrict Edison from providing adequate peak load electric power? Withdrawing from our strategic oil reserves makes no sense instead of producing our own oil. Thanks to CalEPA who disallow water desalinization plants and restricts capturing water for human use. Democrats also lie. How many of you believe that a $ 1trillion student loan bailout will not cost taxpayers? What an insult to those who paid off their loans. 87,000 new IRS agents are coming for us. Instead send them to patrol our borders. The Dems create problems but are unable or unwilling to solve them. I suggest you really think through your choices in November. I will vote for Republican federal, state and local candidates – what do I have to lose other than restoring sanity in government leadership. The country is heading in the wrong direction and we are no longer the “golden state”. Vote smart and vote for change.


  1. Welcome to being a part to save this great Nation! Your letter was spot on. I have always voted Red as that is how I was brought up. Regardless of who was running. Now that I have been more informed over the years, I have learned that both sides can faulter. But now it is obviously since Obama when I started to realize that things are not always what they seem. Even before him as I have studied politics in general there is a definite pattern as to a party of truth more so than greed. All have done the “saying what you want to hear” and not follow through. But when Trump got elected, I was impressed that he did do what he said. Even with all the left tried to do to him, he prevailed. Our country was great! Yet colorful in his tweets and sometimes a bit much. He was and will be a great President again. God bless America.


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