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McCarthy Endorses Jeff Gorell for Supervisor

To my friends and people that humbled me with your vote in the primary election, please join me in supporting Jeff Gorell for 2nd District Supervisor as he has moved to the general election in November for County Supervisor.

Although Jeff and I may not see eye to eye on every issue, I believe that he has the core values that will bring common sense to the current Board composition, refocusing priorities on supporting small business, community safety, and ending homelessness, while rejecting the relentless moves by local and state govt to erode personal freedoms and liberties.

His opponent, progressive Claudia Bill-dela Pena, will be a dysfunctional extension of the Linda Parks era where we have seen businesses suffer, homelessness grow exponentially, local control taken from our communities, international crime creep into our neighborhoods, and constitutional rights denied.

It’s just not worth the risk knowing what has happened to California for past 20 years when both Linda Parks and Claudia have been our elected officials at that same exact time. It’s not a coincidence!

As part of my efforts in working with our district, I have agreed to help lead a small business task force, with the mission of bringing together private and public sector resources to support the success and growth of job creators in the 2nd District. Small business is the backbone of our local economy and our quality of life.

We have also reviewed our conservative principles that are a backbone to getting our votes such as freedom of speech, equality over equity, and liberty with the pursuit of happiness, too name a few.

Join me in supporting Jeff now by going to his website and signing up as a supporter www.jeffgorell.org, attending one of his fundraisers, putting up a yard sign, and organizing a meet & greet with your friends and neighbors.

Thank you again for your ongoing support of making a positive difference and “moving the needle”.


  1. What is it that the leftists think is their talent? As they look for handouts at the ballot box and infinite ways to tap our tax savings accounts. Acting more like a sad beggars on the street with their mendicant faces offering nothing but a smile and empty promises in exchange for your largess.
    They must believe and realize the government is a two-way social contract formed by those who want to serve in government and citizens of this great state.
    The way the Democrats have been acting is, like a mealy mouth beggar, thinking we will give him whatever he wants, in the form of taxes and our liberty.
    With the coming election in the 26th US Representative District of California all that is about to stop.
    No more empty promises, sucking up to the teachers unions and doing absolutely nothing to further the freedom we deserve in our county, Representative Brownley is going to get a real surprise.
    Californians and Venturians desire to send our children to ‘three Rs schools’. Not some socialist indoctrination endeavor, running under the guise of a K – 12 education program and promoted by the California government as progressive.
    With a strong plank of conservative candidates, we will sweep California clean. Our bad case of governmental skulduggery is gonna come crashing down on November 8.
    As part of that grand housecleaning, we will elect Matt Jacobs as our US Representative for the 26th Congressional District. He is a hard worker and a just man, shown by many years of service to California and our country as a federal prosecutor. Matt deserves our vote.


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