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CVUSD Leaders Silent on Boys, Girls Sharing Restrooms, Locker Rooms

After blistering blowback from local parents about the school district’s bizarre plan to sexualize every K-12 classroom with discussions of gender dysphoria and homosexuality, Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) school board members and superintendent Mark McLaughlin have left key questions unanswered going into the fall. These include:

— Why is CVUSD forcing staff members and teachers to hide sexual conversations with students from the students’ parents? What is the legal and moral basis for this?

— Are CVUSD principals, teachers and staff addressing students by different names, genders and pronouns without informing parents that this is happening?

— Will K-12 girls and boys be sharing restrooms at all schools?

— Will K-12 girls and boys be sharing locker rooms at all schools, as happened at Thousand Oaks High School and was reported by the Conejo Guardian (July 2022)?

— Is CVUSD going to allow biological males to compete in women’s sports in its athletics programs?

— Does CVUSD punish students for not using another student’s preferred “pronouns” according to a student’s chosen “gender identity”?

— Does CVUSD plan to allow staff and faculty to change clothes and shower with students in the same locker rooms at any time in the future?

— Does CVUSD or the County intend to provide more legal training, as it has in the past, to teach local educators how to discuss sexuality and gender with students without informing parents?

— Does CVUSD intend to prohibit the use of the word “mother” and force students to use the term “birthing parent,” as proposed by the National Education Association Union in July?


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