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Ventura County Trained Educators to Talk with Kids About Sexuality Without Informing Parents


  1. Cut to the chase – page 29 is where government school takes possession of your child. Everything else is legal prose and political smoke.

    You should CPRA all the records that exist for the Equity Conference 2022 VCOE held in February – if they’ll give it to you. They claimed the two hour publicly hosted, scantly advertised, heavily attended by staff who won cash prizes for attendance – did not keep records of the more than twenty power point zoom presentations and further claimed those departments, vendors, sponsors and other organizations and staff did not preserve them. Maybe they didn’t even ask.

    CVUSD’s own Kenny Loo specifically refused to record the event when asked by this parent in comments because my wife was unable to attend but wanted to participate. So, I recorded my own bits and pieces (receipts) including WHS teachers and staff presentation about their special ad hoc teacher /student committee that builds curriculum based on a “white supremacist pyramid” amongst other topic and where parents are not encouraged (or allowed?) to attend. I was shocked to hear the teacher and librarian think that was OK and that so, too, did Loo. I won’t even play the “WHAT IF?” game of what if the protected classes where changed? Low hanging fruit.

    Look, the answer is becoming more and more clear. Crash enrollment. Hell, red shirt your kid for a year or two and try homeschool or another alternative. During this time lobby like mad for school choice so your mandatory taxes for school follow your student and not the government school district infecting one’s neighborhood.

    Low enrollment, low staff. Low staff, low union dues. Low union dues, less union PAC and lobbyist for this demented facilitation of a destructive and ephemeral adolescent behavioral trend being spiked media and Hollywood interests.

    Even Bill Maher gets it as he feels the cultural winds shift. That’s his job. He’s good at it, obviously.
    source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMBzfUj5zsg

    I’m not sure why government schools believe it is within their scope to put themselves between a parent and their child, but they are out of the f’ing lane and need a solid check and balance to their misperceived boundless authority. I think it’s going to arrive very soon.

  2. Bravo to the dad, of the third grader who is being indoctrinated by her teacher about “trans stuff” at Maple Elementary School, for his courage and LOVE for his daughter as he stands against this blatant SEIZURE of our children “behind parent’s backs”.

    Children are not the PROPERTY of the State to be influenced by the “current culture phase” unless CONSENTED BY PARENTS.

    We need more brave parents to stand up against this ABUSE-and that is what it is.

  3. Is CRT (Critical Race Theory) & 1619 so-called ‘history’ being promoted surreptitiously in TO????
    If so, then parents need to go to school board mettings….NOW!


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