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Common Ground

I wanted to write to respond to Katherine Strange’s April article “The People’s convoy-A First-Person Perspective. In particular, I was drawn to her analysis that “after well over 200 years championing the laboring classes, liberalism is now exposed as representing the elites. Democrats and liberals no longer speak for the working class…Working people are increasingly left on the side of the road in terms of national policy and decision making.”

As a libertarian leftist, I wholeheartedly agree. Most media, including a few paragraphs later in this article, lump leftists together with democrats and liberals. However, many leftists are fighting for the same things as conservatives. Both leftists and conservatives are aiming for the same ideals- a return of the strong labor class, with protections such as unions, pioneering labor laws, and secure benefits as well as a government that works for the citizenry rather than lining their own corrupt pockets.

Perhaps we would all be better off if we stopped siding with and lumping together our fellow Americans with either the corrupt Democrat party or the corrupt Republican party. We should focus less on immaterial social wedge issues and instead band together by focusing on a just economic future.



  1. Here here! Spot on! They manufacture the conflicts and the crises to keep us divided so the globalist perpetrators can keep we the people sidelined while they pursue their corrupt manipulation schemes. The power of the people is stronger than the people in power. If we use it to move off of their platforms and form new networks and structures built on freedom, integrity, innovation and calling, we can create vibrant local sectors that thrive and encourage robust conversation about the challenges we face.

  2. I am upset and concerned about the UNLAWFUL activities occurring in the ‘YES ON A-B’ activists’ campaign! Since it is UNLAWFUL to remove or destroy campaign signs you do not agree with, why is it, the ‘YES ON A-B’ group have desecrated the campaign signs posted on ERBES Rd, south of the Los Cerritos school, 2 times, and have removed the ‘NO ON A-B’ campaign signs at the corner of Erbes Rd and Pederson, by the park, replacing them with ‘YES ON A-B’ signs?????
    Apparently, they do not understand where we actually get our drinking water from!!! Maybe before they join a campaign committee, they should do research into the platform!!


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