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On the Frontlines: Capitol Punishment – The Lie About Jan. 6

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

Winston S. Churchill

Every freedom-loving American who honestly cares about what transpired on January 6, 2021 in our nation’s capital needs to see the riveting new documentary, Capitol Punishment. It’s a gripping and engaging story truthfully told by the people who were there on the ground that day.

The movie depicts what the mainstream media and our government wouldn’t show the American people — what actually happened. It’s an awakening for the people who have yet to understand the precarious position our freedoms are in. I had no idea how bad the deception, lies and cover-up could be until I watched this alarming account.

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Chris Burgard, the director, and Nick Searcy, the producer, of Capitol Punishment. The most pressing question for me was, what provoked Chris and Nick to document the events of January 6? Nick explained that it wasn’t until they returned home and saw how the media portrayed it — in a totally false way, inconsistent with what they personally witnessed.

“As the lies started to build up, we decided we wanted to make a movie about that day,” Nick told me.

He says the media suggested that there were only a few thousand people attending the events in D.C. that day, when in fact there were well over a million present to peacefully protest an election they thought was fraudulent and possibly stolen.

Chris noted that there was virtually no police presence except at the Ellipse where President Trump was speaking. Strangely, there were no camera crews, either, “almost as if it’s not happening,” he said. At one point on their walk to the Capitol, Chris told his wife Lisa, “There is something wrong going on here. There is no police presence and no major camera crews from CNN, MSNBC, FOX. This is eerie and I have a bad feeling that someone is going to die here today.”

Chris also witnessed suspicious people with military microphones dressed in typical Antifa and BLM apparel, with backpacks. Chris’s crew also documented a few people changing from pro-Trump clothing to Antifa and BLM clothing in the bushes.

There is more to share about the truth of these events, and I will continue with a follow-up article next month. Until then, I implore you to watch Capitol Punishment and decide for yourself if the legacy media and our government deceived the American people.

The Battle Against Critical Race Theory Rages On

Parental discontent over public education policies has become a nationwide movement. Parents are angry and frustrated with school board officials over loony mask mandates, Critical Race Theory (CRT), transgender propaganda and other “woke” absurdities.

Thomas Sowell, the late senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, wrote in American Free Press that, “When school propaganda teaches black kids to hate white people, that is a danger to all Americans of every race.”

“School propaganda,” as Sowell dubbed it, came suddenly to light last year when most schools migrated to “virtual only” learning in response to the Covid pandemic. Parents got a first-hand look at the racially divisive curricula being taught to their children.

That led to real-life electoral change. Perhaps the central moment in the Virginia gubernatorial race was when former governor Terry McAuliffe said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” That one explosive statement helped secure sweeping GOP wins in November in Virginia. Glenn Youngkin’s victory over McAuliffe was a clear vote against CRT, and Youngkin promised to rein in this radicalism and ban CRT on his first day in office.

The movement — involving heated protests at school board meetings — in some cases forced resignations of school superintendents. Some were so overwrought by parental pushback that they sought federal intervention. The well-publicized letter (since retracted) from the National School Boards Association compared parents to “domestic terrorists.”

Other school officials insisted they — not parents — should oversee children’s learning. This is patently nuts. Parents have a fundamental right, recognized in law, to guide their children’s education and moral conscience. To exercise these rights, parents must have clear and accurate information about learning materials and activities their children are encountering in schools. Like CRT.

The COVID-19 Shot Does Not Confer Immunity or Prevent Transmission

On August 19, 2021, an African-American woman with impeccable science credentials bravely informed the Michigan state legislature that Covid shot mandates were anti-science, anti-clinical, discriminatory, absurd, criminal and segregationist.

Dr. Christina Parks, who earned a PhD in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Michigan, gave expert testimony to support Michigan House Bill 4471, put forth to prohibit employers from discriminating against individuals who have not received vaccinations or shots for the flu, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis or Covid-19.

This is extremely complex science that has been oversimplified in the media to basically take away our freedom of choice.

Dr. Christina Parks

Parks explained why mandatory Covid shots are contradicted by clinical and scientific evidence. “This is extremely complex science that has been oversimplified in the media to basically take away our freedom of choice,” she said.

She continued, “Vaccine requirements and mandates are based on the faulty assumption that the vaccines in question prevent transmission of the pathogen.”

The CDC and health agencies are intentionally misleading the public.

Of course, these shots and vaccines do not prevent transmission and were not designed to do so. She explained that the Covid shot was only designed to attenuate symptoms. Furthermore, the clinical trial claim of “95 percent effectiveness” doesn’t refer to transmission. And the claim — whatever it is — only applies to the first Covid variant, which has now virtually disappeared from our population. Even a CDC director admitted that the Covid shots have no ability to prevent transmission and infection by the Delta variant because when the variant mutates, the vaccine does not recognize the new variant. As many are discovering, when the body sees the Delta variant, it sees it as a completely new virus, and the symptoms are more severe.

How is the CDC going to keep ignoring the obvious evidence and science that these shots don’t do what they purport and profess to do? In Parks’ view, the CDC and health agencies are intentionally misleading the public — while mandating a treatment which could make people more severely sick with endless new variants of Covid. Stay free. Stay informed.


  1. Regarding the January 6 incident, the word is “entrapment.” Just read the definition of the word: the parties necessary to create it: FBI, Nancy Pelosi, Capitol police, and unknown individuals taking part in the protest. The unfortunate protestors were those who would not knowingly commit a crime and were not aware that they were committing a crime but did so by being “entrapped.”

  2. Ms. Connerty, entrapment may be as good a word as any to describe the events of January 6, 2021. But, I believe the Democrats still retain the best, overall, one word discription of that day:


    A label pasted on an innocent- in this case- political party (Republicans) but more aptly applied to the accusers (Democrats), themselves.

    Although it could have never happened if the Republican Party wasn’t home to, apparently, as many hot headed and potential dupes as it has RINOs.

    Assuming the two groups are mutually exclusive and not one in the same.

  3. Unfortunately, did not read your reply. Again, what happened was “entrapment” and not insurgency. It would be wise if a dictionary was consulted. It was not a violent confrontation by armed people. It was a set up. You may be able to view some of the instances when you watch the film that was made in the building. Also, the building was closed for about two weeks; when the “people” walked in notice how there are the red velvet ropes in place; that at the police are even guiding the people around. Unfortunately, this was an injustice and the demonzombies made certain to repeat the word violent. Also, it would help to know that there were two sides of the building. On the one side, it was very peaceful. On the other side, it became unruly, but it was provoked. Why did Nancy Pelosi have her personal photographer there? She was the one that was advised by the FBI, and she was in charge of security. And there were FBI agents egging the people onward. Entrapment: the government enticed the people and were inducing them to go into the building. People went to jail just for walking inside of the building. Ashley Babbitt was murdered in cold blood, and the guy who shot her, supposedly got a promotion. Police officers on the street that are facing knives and guns are held to a stricter code than him. She posed no threat–she was climbing through a window and had “both hands on the window frame.” Only God knows what hatred and injustice to an innocent people. You must remember that there were many ANTIFA and BLMs there that were contributing to confusion.


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