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Have We Reached a Tipping Point?

“You let one ant stand up to us, and they will all stand up! Those puny little ants out­number us a hundred to one. And if we ever let them figure that out …there goes our way of life! It’s not about food. It’s about keeping those ants in line.” -Hopper in A Bug’s Life

“They come, they eat, they leave. It’s our lot in life.” -Princess Atta in A Bug’s Life

In September, I wrote an article (“Even Liberals Must Adhere to the Narrative”) about a liberal public defender twice elected to Manhattan’s largest school board in our nation’s largest school system. Maud Maron in the Southern District of New York was skewered and shunned by the black attorneys of Legal Aid Caucus for writing an op-ed in the New York Post in July 2020 referencing the rac­ist garbage being dished out in public education.

Maron refused to accept a city Department of Education anti-bias training where she was explicitly instructed to refer to herself as a “white woman — as if her whole life is reduced to her race.” Maron subsequently filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court on July 12, accusing the Legal Aid Society of racial dis­crimination.

Maron is on the proverbial warpath as an outraged moth­er of four children — and she isn’t the only one. The openly racist teachings of Critical Race Theory (CRT), mask mandates, pornographic sex education, elimination of merit-based ad­missions, the scrapping of ob­jective tests and dismantling of gifted and talented programs have finally gotten the attention of parents.

But now, the FBI is consid­ering using the PATRIOT Act against parents for showing up and dressing down school boards over their obvious dere­liction of duty towards parents and children.

The National School Boards Association (NSBA), an um­brella organization represent­ing thousands of local elected board officials, recently sent a letter ad­dressed to the man presently occupying the White House. The Associa­tion warned that “America’s public schools and its educa­tion leaders are under imme­diate threat.” It stated that “the classification of these heinous actions could be the equiva­lent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” The letter importuned the White House to engage the support of Homeland Security, the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to thoroughly investigate the threats under the purview of the “PATRIOT Act in regards to domestic terrorism.”

In response, Attorney Gen­eral Merrick Garland wrote a memo foolishly poking mama bears in the nose as Mi­randa Devine, author of a devastating ar­ticle titled “AG Merrick Gar­land is at war with American families” in the New York Post on October 10, pointed out. Garland is a “radical ideo­logue” who targets political foes and lamely injects “himself into every cul­tural war, from pregnant “peo­ple” to school board meetings.” Garland issued a menacing memo to the FBI, directing it to “investigate parents as domes­tic terror threats … He cited no evidence for what he claims is a ‘disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of vio­lence’ against school boards.”

Devine continues, “His memo was a shocking abuse of his office on behalf of left-wing activists who have been using schools as brainwashing fac­tories for future social justice warriors. It was designed to in­timidate parents and stop them advocating for their children. For all his awesome power, Gar­land has met a force greater than his weaponized Department of Justice: the love of parents for their children.”

Devine quotes Asra Noma­ni, a mom and the VP of inves­tigations and strategy at Parents Defending Education, as saying, “Nobody gets between a mama bear and her cub. We are not in­timidated or afraid … You are criminalizing parenting, and you owe the people of America a swift apology.”

Garland did not draw back, but announced special­ized training for school board members to “aid in the investi­gation and prosecution of these crimes,” and, even more egre­gious, the creation of a task force comprised of FBI and DOJ rep­resentatives to “determine how federal enforcement tools can be used to prosecute these crimes.”

This is insanity. Parents have every right to speak out publicly and passionately about their children’s education. Rath­er than sit down and shut our mouths, they should post on so­cial media, write letters to school boards and submit op-eds to every possible publication. It’s their constitutional right under the First Amendment to orga­nize with like-minded parents to form advocacy groups, show up at school board meetings and organize peaceful protests. This is not domestic terrorism. It’s mama bears protecting their precious cubs. It is patriotism in its highest and most glorious form.

Like the brave ants in the wonderful kids’ film, A Bug’s Life, parents are rising up be­cause they understand that they outnumber education tyrants not by the thousands but by the millions. When we stand to­gether, educational tyranny will come to a well-deserved end.


  1. While most Americans remain asleep and distracted by one thing or another, they’ve systematically infiltrated all institutions over the decades…education, medical, government, military.
    “If you don’t wake up and get your act together (speaking to America)… you deserve what you’re going to get” ~ William Cooper


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