On the Frontlines: Medical Apartheid


My father was a World War II veteran. He enlisted with the Royal Canadian Air Force on June 5, 1944, and was imme­diately deployed overseas into battle. I don’t know a lot about his experience, but I do know he assisted in liberating Ber­gen-Belsen concentration camp on April 15, 1945. He never spoke about it directly with me, as he was a man of few words, but I know he witnessed crimes so inhumane that he preferred to remain silent about them.

My father did take pictures and noted dates and locations. Thousands of bodies lay unbur­ied around the camp, and some 60,000 starving and mortally ill people were packed together without food, water or basic san­itation. Many suffered from ty­phus, dysentery and starvation. These pictures are something no human should ever have to wit­ness.

The depravity and cruelty I saw in those photos implicitly changed my view of how people can be driven to do evil when they amass extraordinary power. The photos taught me, wordless­ly, that people in authority can and will lie and will abuse every power we relinquish to them.

Right now, Americans seem intent on giving our government the power to micromanage ev­ery aspect of our lives. Big tech has made it such that they know where we live and what we spend money on. They even have sig­nificant access to our children.
People in power presently want to compel everyone to ac­cept unwanted medical interven­tions. The Nazis did the same in World War II camps. They per­formed unspeakable medical ex­periments and tested “vaccines” on the gypsies and Jews. The world was so horrified after the end of World War II that nations signed the Nuremberg charter, pledging that we would never again impose unwanted medical interventions on human beings without their informed consent.

And yet, in fewer than two years, that conviction has dis­appeared. People are walking around in masks where the sci­ence has neither been proven nor sufficiently explained because the science does not support it. People are being told what to do and are blindly following orders, without any wisdom or rational thinking. Autocratic and over­reaching government agencies are browbeating the republic into absolute obedience. This is not democratic, and it is not a product of democracy. It’s a simple product of a pharmaceu­tical-driven biosecurity agen­da that will most certainly en­slave the entire human race and plunge us into a dystopian night­mare where apocalyptic forces of ignorance and greed run our lives and ruin our children, de­stroying the dreams and dignity we hoped to give them.

That is, unless we enlist now, stand up and tell them, “Abso­lutely not.” Not on our watch.

Some are doing just that. On September 13, 2021, attorney for Children’s Health Defense (CA Chapter) Nicole C. Pear­son presented a detailed “Cease and Desist” legal letter to the board of education of the City Of Los Angeles. Specifically, it was addressed to Kelly Gonez, board president; Megan K. Reil­ly, LAUSD superintendent; and Devora Navera-Reed, general counsel. The letter outlines irre­futable arguments why the 6-0 vote taken on September 9 by the board of education of the City of Los Angeles, to pass the res­olution mandating COVID-19 vaccines for all students 12 years and older so they might partici­pate in in-person learning in Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), is illegal, unconstitu­tional and must be retracted.

It’s astonishing that one of the nation’s largest school districts has done such an un-American, unconscionable thing. It’s a flashing danger sign, telling us where we are.

Even the details of their own rules militate against them. COVID-19 vaccines are not list­ed on the current K-12 immu­nization schedule, and LAUSD does not have authority to add immunizations to the K-12 schedule. The California De­partment of Public Health can add new vaccines to the current list of ten childhood immuniza­tions required, but they have not chosen to do so. Also, no gov­ernment authority can mandate COVID-19 vaccines while these vaccines are still under emergen­cy use authorization.
Furthermore, children can­not be enrolled in clinical tri­als by any government entity. None of the vaccines available have been licensed or approved by the FDA. Per the FDA, these vaccines are considered “inves­tigational” and are considered an “experimental drug.” Federal laws explicitly prohibit a child from being enrolled in a clinical trial of any ’’investigational” or “experimental” product without parents’ express consent, and only if there is a benefit and min­imal risk to the child. It is not disputed that children have an astonishing 99.97 percent sur­vival rate with COVID-19.

The risks of these vaccines far outweigh any significant ben­efits. They don’t prevent trans­mission of SARS-CoV-2. All the COVID-19 vaccine manufac­turers clearly state that their un­proven medicines reduce hospi­talization and death by reducing symptoms. These vaccines don’t prevent contraction or trans­mission and are not traditional vaccines. They cause life-threat­ening conditions in children that have been targeted by this man­date. VAERS data clearly shows that the “vaccines” are causing myocarditis, pericarditis and other life-threatening conditions that would otherwise never af­fect children of this age.

Attorney Pearson informed LAUSD that any school com­plying with this resolution and mandating the experimental vaccines, or even FDA-approved ones, will be exposed to lawsuits and liability. Pearson is a brave warrior protecting our chil­dren. It is unethical, immoral and obscene that a school board would mandate that innocent children take an experimental drug. I might add that we are in the middle of an experiment on all humanity because the over­all survival rate of contracting COVID-19 is 99.5 percent.
Then again, this type of forced medical experimentation has been done before. I’ve seen the photos.



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