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On the Frontlines: Even Liberals Must Adhere to the Narrative

Leftist orthodoxy dictates that you carefully follow their scripted narrative. If you don’t, they threaten to shun you from society and take away your job, if not your career.

But what happens when a leftist breaks from the narrative? Liberal public defender Maud Maron in the Southern District of New York recently found out.

My journalist inspiration, Bari Weiss, wrote an article titled “A Witch Hunt at the Legal Society,” which reveals what happened. First, understand that Maron is a typical left-wing Democrat. She attended Barnard College, acted as an escort for Planned Parenthood and graduated from Cardozo Law School. She worked for John Kerry’s campaign in 2004 and contributed (“many times”) to Bernie Sanders’ campaign in 2016.

Maron joined the Legal Aid Society, New York’s main public defender organization, in 1998. She took a lengthy hiatus in 2006 to raise her four children — who all attend New York City public schools — and decided to return to Legal Aid in 2017.

But when she was elected to her local Community Education Council in 2017 and 2019, Maron learned exactly what passes for “education” these days. She started to speak out in mid-2020 about the racist garbage that is being dished out in public education. In a July 2020 op-ed in the New York Post titled “Racial obsessions make it impossible for NYC schools to treat parents, kids as people,” she wrote:

“I am a mom, a public defender, an elected public-school council member and a City Council candidate. But at a city Department of Education anti-bias training, I was instructed to refer to myself as a ‘white woman’ — as if my whole life reduces to my race. Those who oppose this ideology are shunned and humiliated, even as it does nothing to actually improve our broken schools. Though facing severe budget cuts, the DOE has spent more than $6 million for the training, which defines qualities such as ‘worship of the written word,’ ‘individualism’ and ‘objectivity’ as ‘white-supremacy culture.’ The administration, and many local politicians, buy into a benign-sounding but chilling doctrine called anti-racism, which insists on defining everyone by race, invites discrimination and divides all thought and behavior along a racial axis.”

That’s when Maron’s well-crafted, liberal-Manhattanite world blew up. According to Wiess, “Three days after she published the piece, the Black Attorneys of Legal Aid Caucus put out a lengthy statement saying that ‘Maud Maron has no business having a career in public defense, and we’re ashamed that she works for the Legal Aid society.’ It declared: ‘Maud is racist, and openly so,’ and offered no evidence to back up the charge. It said that this veteran public defender was a ‘prominent opponent of equality’ and a ‘classic example of what 21st-century racism looks like.’”

A few of Maron’s colleagues sent tweets calling her things like a “pathetic racist” with a “segregation platform.” And four colleagues published an attack piece on August 14, 2020, in Gotham Gazette titled “When School Segregationist Dog Whistle Becomes a Bullhorn.”

Weiss attempted to interview several of Maron’s colleagues for her piece. Only one, the recently retired James Chubinsky, was willing to speak for ascription. Chubinsky was Maron’s supervisor during her most recent stint at Legal Aid. He called her work performance “beyond terrific.” Another colleague had complimentary things to say but would not allow his or her name to be used. Chubinsky felt at liberty to comment on the current situation at Legal Aid:

“It was becoming intolerable,” Chubinsky said of the intolerance that had taken root at Legal Aid. “We talked about all of this behind closed doors. Because you can’t talk about this with the doors open. It’s a really oppressive environment for anyone that isn’t radical, including, by the way, those attorneys of color who don’t share these lunatic views like abolishing the police or saying that it’s necessarily racist to arrest people for misdemeanor crimes.”

So, where do things stand for Maron now? She filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court on July 12. Maron is accusing the Legal Aid Society of racial discrimination against her and of constructive termination.

While we await the outcome, it’s worth asking: Didn’t Maron realize this would happen? I mean, she supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election. Sanders was a cheerleader for the Soviet Union and remains a supporter of the Castro regime to this day. He advocates for the very suppression of dissent Maron is experiencing.

Why was Maron unable to forecast her own future when she departed from the leftist narrative? I guess the awakening took place when it landed on her doorstep.

Let’s praise what we can. It is encouraging to see people like Maron stand up to the leftist education doctrine embodied in Critical Race Theory. This evil ideology is infiltrating every facet of American society and must be eradicated. It’s evident that Maron believes CRT is destructive enough that she’s willing to risk her career — and probably her friendships and much more — to fight it.
Her story is a perfect depiction of just how viciously those in the thrall of current, moronic groupthink punish even one of their own — when that one wanders from the narrative.


  1. This is a false assessment, based on your biased opinions which only leads to further division in our country. Why do you “patriots” pretend to love our country, while you spout lies designed to tear us apart?


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