Local leader says ‘California needs a pastor for Governor’


    Oxnard pastor and software entrepreneur Sam Gallucci, at Houses of Light Church in Northridge: Gallucci has a special calling to work with homeless populations and with Hispanic communities — relationships he believes have equipped him well for a run at California’s governorship.

    Oxnard pastor Sam Gallucci is one of dozens of candidates vying to replace Gavin Newsom as California governor. Gallucci is the senior pastor of Embrace Church; founder of the Kingdom Center, a ministry that has helped the homeless for 14 years; and a software entrepreneur and planter of Hispanic churches. He is also a 60-year Los Angeles-area native. Gallucci spoke to the Conejo Guardian about his life and candidacy.

    CG: Why are you running for governor?
    Gallucci: I’m running for governor because California has been taken from its people, and it’s time to bring it back. California was founded on the principle, “In God We Trust,” which is part of the state constitution. It’s time to bring California back to God. We have to restore the [state’s] foundation, and that foundation has been broken by the Democrats. [Governor] Gavin Newsom has betrayed Californians’ trust and violated their constitutional rights. And that has to be addressed first.
    Californians don’t feel they have a voice in Sacramento anymore. They are taxed but not represented. There’s no transparency. There’s a complete lack of morality, now with mandates for masks and vaccines, and immoral secular humanism taught in the schools in place of academics. The parents’ rights have been violated. The state is basically bypassing the parents and indoctrinating the kids in the schools with a set of beliefs that don’t represent parents’ beliefs.
    [If Newsom is recalled], whoever wins the governorship is in office only one year, and after a year, they have to campaign again in 2022. The way the recall works is, one: on the ballot is a box to recall Newsom; voters will choose yes or no. Two: If yes, voters select a new candidate, and whoever wins, that person will finish out the term of the office.

    CG: Tell us about your work among the homeless and immigrant populations in Ventura County over the years.
    Gallucci: To win again, you have to build a new coalition; you have to reach not only the Republicans but also the Democrats who are disgruntled and disenchanted with Newsom. I am going for the Hispanic vote. Over 15 million Hispanics are residents of California, and over 5 million are undocumented. As a pastor to the Hispanic population, I have earned the right to be a voice for the Hispanic community.
    Eighty percent of Hispanic registered voters are Democrats, and they are not happy! And no one from the Republican Party has taken the time to connect with them. I am awakening a sleeping giant. I’ve raised up Hispanic pastors; thousands have given their lives to Christ.

    CG: If you win, what will you do during your first year in office?
    Gallucci: I will give Californians their voices back. I will give them a way to communicate with one another through the governorship. I’ll build a new network to communicate, using a new social media platform advertising strategy that will be a campaign of truth. If I am your governor, there is going to be a revival of truth about the laws that violate our constitutionally protected rights.
    Every week, Californians will hear the truth. There will be a great awakening of truth. Every tax dollar that was supposed to go to building infrastructure and roads will be known by Californians. This is about restoring freedom and the trust that has been greatly violated.
    In the first year, I will restore confidence in the vote. I will sign an executive order commanding all the counties to clean up their voter rolls, and give them six months to do it. I will develop a voter integrity task force, shut down all Dominion machines, and return to a manual ballot count.
    Through the power of the executive order, I will pause or stop until further review every unconstitutional law — e.g., the advancement of the LGBTQ agenda in schools that violates the constitutional rights of the parents, the unconstitutional early releases of criminals and felons from prison who violate the constitutional rights of the citizens.
    I will also address the fraud and criminality in state government. Poverty has become the new profit center in Sacramento. Tens of millions of dollars are going to line the pockets of businesses that profit from poverty, such as drug cartels that bribe politicians to profit off drugs given to the homeless.

    CG: You have a strong background in business. Give our readers a sense of what you did in that arena before moving into ministry and civic leadership.
    Gallucci: There comes a point in your life when you find out that God has prepared you for something bigger than you ever imagined. I have the business experience to run this state and the most compassion to address the greatest social issues we have in this state: homelessness and illegal immigration.
    My business background began in 1981 when I worked for IBM. I had the privilege of being on the ground floor of the tech industry. Those of us who are the founders of the tech industry know the passcode to break the stronghold of Big Tech. By the time I was 35, I was a thought leader in the industry. I was traveling the world and running a multinational tech company.

    CG: What are some of the greatest needs in our country right now? What should the pastors and political leaders be focused on?
    Gallucci: The greatest need politically is for our country to stop choosing politician celebrities to lead them and start choosing citizens who are true patriots to lead them, who are grounded and proven, and who demonstrate Christian values. In the church today, we have two major camps: we have the apathetic who aren’t getting involved at all. The other camp gets so involved that they follow political wisdom – those who follow the government off the cliff, mandating masks and vaccines, telling people, “Don’t meet, don’t sing.” By their silence, they have sent a strong political message that we as Christians are not to engage.
    I am surprised that the church has forgotten the role of the pastors in history and politics. We need a pastor as governor. I believe at this time we need fiscal leadership, social leadership, but most importantly, we need moral leadership.
    California doesn’t need another politician or another celebrity. California needs a pastor.


    1. Pastor Gallucci sold the homeless out for 2.2 million dollars when the city of ventura had tried to close harbor church.We,the homeless population,were abandoned,abused,rejected,and betrayed by Sam when he made the deal with the city.We the homeless population,were swept under the rug,and the harbor church was THE ONLY place in this city of Ventura where the homeless could take a shower.there is no place for the homeless to take a shower.Mr.Gallucci does not have the right to claim the claims that he has made about the homeless.We,the homeless population were abandoned by Sam,and I voted against him for this reason.Sam made 2.2 million which should tell the public where his loyalty lies.Money is the root of all evil,and Sam personally told me to my face that he did not believe that god would work through a person like me.Because I was and am still homeless.Nobody knows about this because it happened in or around 2014.Sure,we need a man of G.d in office,but not sam


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