Frontline Doctors Pack House at N.P. Events


Dr. Mark McDonald (center left), fellow Frontline Doctors, Dr. Simone Gold and Dr. Jeff Barke (both to McDonald’s left), and attorney Nicole Pearson (to McDonald’s right) spoke powerfully to hundreds who turned out to learn strategies for preserving medical freedom in America.

America’s Frontline Doctors, a coalition founded by Dr. Simone Gold, drew an overflow crowd to Newbury Park in August. The Saturday event featured powerful presentations in-person and by video from some of the nation’s leading freedom-fighting medical and legal professionals.
Gold, who is both a doctor and a lawyer, called the present public health situation a “morass, this quicksand that we’re in,” and said for the first time publicly that it’s time for open resistance.
“There’s a noose around our neck, and it’s slowly being tightened,” Gold told the packed audience. “I believe the time has come for peaceful civil disobedience.”
An hour before the event began, a line wrapped well around the Godspeak building in Dos Vientos, and after filling every seat and overflow room, hundreds were turned away to watch on the livestream instead. In the weeks since the conference, the video has received more than 30,000 views on Rumble.
The gathering had an electric air to it, with frequent applause, cheers and the occasional intense silence as sobering realities seemed to call forth a united, patriotic resolve. Many participants described the event as “exciting” and the information as “shocking.”
The purpose of the three-hour gathering was to arm people with medical and legal information about COVID-19, dispelling myths and assumptions.
“I want Americans to know, most importantly, that they do not need to live in fear,” said Dr. Gold in the film Seeing 2020, which opened the event. The hour-long documentary shined a light on the medical suppression and corruption that took place during the pandemic. It featured many respected doctors and their stories of censorship and “cancellation.” Several people in the film also spoke at the live event.
One was Dr. Jeffrey Barke, a primary care physician, who contended that viruses mutate and adapt not because of unvaccinated people, but because of vaccinated ones.
“When you stimulate and force your body to create very narrow immunity against a single protein, those viruses are very smart and can mutate,” Barke told the audience. “That’s why we’re getting mutations — not because a handful of us are choosing not to be vaccinated.”
As California attempts to mandate vaccinations for health care workers, Barke exhorted listeners that “it’s time that we stand up and say, ‘enough is enough.’” He later added that it’s time for “putting our careers, our licenses at risk.”
Dr. Mark McDonald, an adult, child, and adolescent psychiatrist, called the present state of affairs not a medical battle but “a psychological, emotional, and spiritual war.”
Leftist doctrines are “a distortion, a propaganda campaign to keep people scared, to gin up fear … because people who are scared can’t think. People who can’t think can’t reason, and people who can’t reason can be controlled.”
Over the past 18 months, he said, the propaganda campaign has sped up exponentially.
“It’s kept both men and women unable to make rational, reasonable decisions,” McDonald said.
We now have what he deemed “a society of irrational, fearful narcissists in the midst of the propaganda campaign that is extremely powerful. This is a recipe for totalitarianism. … The preoccupation with self at the expense of others — my feelings whether or not I feel safe or offended is more important than your rights, your ability, your capacity to make choices in your life.”
When people ask to see your vaccine passport, “That’s not a legitimate question, I will not be engaging with you on the question,” Barke said.
Nicole Pearson, a constitutional law attorney, warned of advancing totalitarianism, comparing the lockdowns to the Biderman Chart of Coercion.
“It starts with isolation; it goes to monopolization of perception — the fear-mongering, the campaigns — and then to induce debility and exhaustion,” she told the gathered hundreds and online thousands. “We are exhausted physically, psychologically and emotionally.”
Pearson said the governing authorities have moved on to “threatening us with mandates” and with taking away jobs, schools, commerce and scholarships. She compared the recent lifting of mask mandates to the Biderman principle of “occasional indulgences.”
“Next, they’re going to demonstrate omnipotence … they give you the crumb, then they take it back, then they crush you,” she warned, only days before Ventura County tried to impose yet another health order tightening mask restrictions all over again.
The totalitarian strategy concludes with “enforcing trivial demands, making little things important just to crush it and drive the point home.” Pearson continued, “We need to resist. … If you comply with these policies and procedures that are unconstitutional, illegal, unethical, by national and international studies, and immoral … whether you’re skirting it or you’re giving in to it, you are legitimizing the system.”
Rather than seeking exemptions for vaccines, testing and masks, Pearson encouraged those facing mandates to gather like-minded colleagues to present facts to schools and workplaces.
“Your employers, your schools don’t know what’s going on,” she said. “This has never happened before, so I think we want to cut them a little slack, but also to use this as an opportunity to educate and advocate for ourselves.”
She compared the situation to the crimes against humanity committed in World War II in concentration camps.
“We are not allowed to be forced into human experimentation. It is national and international law,” Pearson informed the audience. “We have to have the option to choose.”
America’s Frontline Doctors has four lawsuits, including against the University of California and California State University systems, to halt the mandates.
“The point is to get a case to the Supreme Court, so the Supreme Court can affirm once and for all that bodily integrity, that modern constitutional scholarship does not permit the government to stick a needle in your arm,” Gold said.
She then brought the meeting to a powerful close with her call for civil resistance against unconstitutional mandates.
“We’re at war,” Gold said. “We don’t want to be the western satellite of China. We are going to engage in civil disobedience.”
Participants left feeling better informed and with a greater sense of unity and confidence as they continue to stand for freedom.

Firefighters, police officers, healthcare workers and doctors assembled for a similar meeting later in August, addressing concerns they probably had not anticipated even a few months ago.
The “Firefighters Against Tyranny” event, organized by L.A. Firefighter Joshua Zavala, brought first responders together for an evening of information and connecting with like-minded professionals. Participants came from a number of counties and departments, all seeking answers and camaraderie. The nearly 3-hour meeting did not disappoint.
Zavala, who has been with L.A. Fire Department since 2007, was recently confronted, like many others, with the decision between action and compromise when Los Angeles County pushed to require vaccines for first responders, the alternative being exemptions and frequent testing. With the vaccine still years away from clearing experimental trials, Zavala observes that “fear and inconvenience” must be the only motivators for people to consent to it.
On the other hand, “the testing is a punishment,” he says. The goal is to “inconvenience you so much that you get tired of testing and you get the vaccine.” He says this joins several other bully tactics being used divisively in fire departments, including asking members to announce their vaccination status before the whole station.
When things began to escalate just weeks ago, Zavala joined a group message with several freedom-loving firefighters to discuss the looming mandate and what to do about it. Within three days, the group grew to more than 500 firefighters from different counties and stations, all looking to stand for medical freedom.
“It’s about our civil liberties, our human rights to make our own decision of what we put in our body,” explains Zavala. “We’re organizing … and we want to fight back on this.”
The initial group, called “First Responders Against Tyranny,” was one of the first and most influential of its kind, quickly surpassing 1,800 members, including police and medical professionals.
“Departments all over the country” have since started “mirroring what we did,” says Zavala. Now he has several groups in which to share information within his own department and with first-responder groups across the nation.
The Newbury Park event served to give first responders the reminder “that they’re not crazy, they’re not alone, and that there are a lot of people out there that feel the exact way we’re feeling,” he says.
A video call with Fire Captain Kaimi Pelekai of Hawaii kicked off the gathering. In-person addresses by Dr. Simone Gold and Dr. Keith Rose followed, informing and empowering the first-responder community with resources, connections and examples to encourage the apprehensive and strengthen the resolved.
“This is not your job, this is your life, and this is your nation,” urged Dr. Gold, who received several standing ovations. “We need to win against the overwhelming tyranny.”
Dr. Rose closed with a powerful charge to the first responders, that “if you crush it now, and you stand up and you fight now, your kids won’t have to.”


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