Parents Fighting Back Against Critical Race Theory

UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1865: Karl Marx (1818-1883), philosopher and German politician. (Photo by Roger Viollet Collection/Getty Images)

In recent months, Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been exposed as nothing more than the materialistic philosophy of Marxism. CRT substitutes racial antagonism for class antagonism and posits the same ideas traditional Marxism does — that social pathologies are a result of harmful societal conventions and power structures that must be torn down for these ills to be healed. Former U.S. attorney general Bill Barr warned that the “increasingly militant and extreme secular-progressive climate in our state-run educational system was the greatest threat to religious liberty in America.” He cited the public school system’s teaching of transgenderism and homosexuality at all grade levels, one evidence of the psychological and metaphysical dogma of CRT’s newly-packaged progressive orthodoxy.

But nationwide, outraged families in countless school districts — including here in Ventura County — are fighting this vile, destructive curricula in order to protect their children. A broad array of parents around the country are lambasting school boards for their support of CRT. Families of different racial, ethnic, socio-economic and religious backgrounds are confronting and courageously holding to account school board members, administrators and teachers who wish to indoctrinate children with destructive, Marxist-infused ideology.

Recently, New York mother Yaitin Chu, an immigrant from Taiwan and co-president of education advocacy group Place NYC, described being vilified and labeled a “Karen” for speaking out against CRT as an activist. In a recent interview with The Federalist, she lamented “the obsession with race, and the abhorrence of judging people by the color of their skin.” Chu pointed to the ludicrous and offensive labeling of Asians as “white adjacent,” which suggests that Asians achieve to the extent that they emulate “whiteness.”

Chu highlighted the damaging implications for students when a public school AP calculus class on the topic of motion is devoted to the “racism” of NYC subways, and a physics class focuses on the gender and sexuality of Isaac Newton.

Then there is the absolutely jaw-dropping, 10-minute throw-down that New York mother Tatiana Ilbrahim performed on her kids’ school district. Ilbrahim utterly blasted school district leaders for “demoralizing” children, “teaching them communist values,” undermining families’ religious beliefs, and encouraging hatred of and violence towards police officers. The most forceful and courageous moment came when she promised the school board she would become their “worst nightmare.” This indeed presents an effective approach for similarly appalled and enraged parents in school districts across the fruited plain.

Locally, in our own Conejo Valley, a group of very concerned parents and citizens recently formed Raising Awareness of Childhood Education, R.A.C.E., to fight the charlatans pushing CRT in Ventura County. R.A.C.E. hosted its first meeting in late June hoping for 50 people to show up. But more than 200 eager parents and citizens packed the venue to standing room only. Speakers included teachers, journalists and very well-informed and passionate individuals who know first-hand what’s going on in the county. The collective enthusiasm was inspiring and greatly encouraging for the future. Many parents in Ventura County clearly understand that CRT is a poisonous ideology imperiling their children’s education and well-being, not to mention the preservation of a free society.

CRT’s agenda quickly becomes personal when parents of young children discover what’s inside. Rather than backing down, more parents are rising up to stamp out this vile curriculum, banishing Marxist ideology from our schools. They recognize it, rightly, as an intellectually packaged form of child abuse.

One more bit of good news from the national front: leading CRT critic Christopher Rufo was viciously attacked by the New York Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic and MSNBC. Guess what? The Post had to retract their lying statements about Rufo. Other media are sure to follow, or be warned that their smears won’t stand up to public — and legal — scrutiny.

Meanwhile, state legislatures are banning CRT from schools across the country. Already, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Iowa and Idaho have acted to protect their collective 75 million citizens from state-sanctioned racism. In these states, public schools can no longer promote the principles of collective guilt, race essentialism and racial superiority theory. Parents now hold greater power over what their children are taught in public and private schools.

Having racked up concrete victories in nine states, members of this volunteer, parent-driven movement know it is just the beginning. If we don’t step up to save our children from being indoctrinated, our schools certainly won’t, and a generation — and a country — would be lost. That’s why parents and freedom-loving citizens here in Ventura County and beyond are in this fight to win it.

We won’t stop until hateful Marxist agendas are eradicated from our schools. That’s a cause worth fighting for.


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