For the Love of Trivia: Cinco de Mayo

La Batalla de Puebla is otherwise known as Cinco de Mayo. Yep, it’s really a celebration of a victory won in battle. Let’s find out more! 

uno   La Batalla de Puebla celebrated the Mexican army’s victory over France in 1862. While not a major triumph, it boosted morale so significantly that Mexico was able to stay the course until France withdrew in 1867. The Franco-Mexican War went on from 1861-1867. 

dos   Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on September 16, where they won their independence from Spain. 

tres   Cinco de Mayo is considered a minor holiday in Mexico, whereas in America it was declared a national holiday in 2005. It is, however, commemorated and reenacted in Puebla, Mexico. It is also interesting to know that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated worldwide in places such as Japan, Canada, Malta and Australia.

cuatro  Much like Gideon’s army, Mexico was the underdog. France sent out 6,000 troops thinking it would be a sure victory against the 2,000            devoted Mexicans. They were wrong. What Mexico lacked in numbers, they made up in heart.

cinco   The official fare for this lively holiday is mole poblano, a traditional dish from Puebla, Mexico.

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