The Conejo Guardian’s monthly “Love Spark Challenge” continues! With each “love spark,” readers are taking the challenge to make a difference in our community and in the lives of others. 

Let’s extend our care to those who keep our grocery stores running: store managers, cashiers, stockers, folks behind the meat and deli counters and in the produce and dairy areas, and those ensuring our carts are free of germs.  Instacart workers are also part of this great group. Hats off to all who support our access to food and supplies!

Love Spark Challenge for April:

  1. Identify two people at your grocery store to acknowledge. Maybe introduce yourself and ask their names. (Alternatively, you could just hand them a thank you note.)
  2. Ask them how they are doing. Thank them for coming to work, and let them know how much you appreciate all they have done to make shopping possible during the pandemic.
  3. Want to score bonus points? “Gift” a candy bar or small gift card to a few of these hard workers with your gratitude. Better yet, make sure their boss hears how much you appreciate the employees’ efforts!

Keep touching lives and making a difference in the Conejo!


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