California has some of the highest COVID restrictions in the nation, whereas Florida has lifted many of its restrictions, including restaurants and schools.  Let’s explore the facts. As of 03/09/2021, there are 16 states that have lifted COVID restrictions/mask mandates.

Total Cases Overall                    3,620,0001,980,000
Total deaths (03/15/20-03/14/21)56,35132,254
SchoolsSix million students in distance learning.A projected cost (incentive) of at least $2 billion just to open TK-2nd grade classes by 04/01/21.All schools open as of October 2020.
Restaurants/DiningNearly 95% statewide shutdown of indoor dining.All restaurants and dining open as of June 2020.
2020 Year-End Report: Losers1.6 million job loss. Business property values plummet by 30%. Unemployment rate 9%. >111,000 callers to LifeLine (suicide helpline) from Jan-Jun 2020. 
2020 Year-End Report: WinnersCalifornia State: tax collection $10.5 billion ahead of schedule, billions in federal money is paying hotels for rooms for homeless and meal delivery services for seniors and homeless. Billionaires and large corporations: wealth increased by $1.3 trillion. Ventura County public official: pay raised by 12.5% during the pandemic.Florida constituents: recovered >60% of lost jobs. Suicide rates dropped by 13%.

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