Covered 6: Training the Few to Protect the Many

Fires, civil unrest, pandemic concerns, and political strife—all of these are hitting our community hard. But Chris Dunn and Bryce Eddy are not letting these obstacles get in the way of keeping our community safe. They are tackling the challenges to train residents in managing the various threats that they may encounter, from wildfires to active shooters.

“Covered 6” is the name of this security academy in Moorpark. It is a military term for “got your back.”

The peaceful beauty of the 20,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility belies the building’s many interior activities. Here, realistic training scenarios are played out in the Patriot Center Training Facility’s classrooms—on its “Sim City” Main Street, in the fitness center, in the showroom, and in an indoor range where patrons simulate active shooter scenarios. 

As a decorated police detective, Chris is no stranger to danger. He has been a military police investigator and Army sniper. Bryce, on the other hand, leverages his success in the business world, bringing an understanding of risk assessment to make quick decisions under pressure. 

The two men’s strengths fused, and they launched the business in 2008.  

The security academy’s expertise has been sought by colleges, school districts, police departments, businesses, municipalities, and security personnel who clamor for acumen in helping them develop their active shooter scenarios.  This, paired with the addition of threat mitigation and de-escalation training, helps trainees learn to diffuse threats and handle conflicts.

The Department of Labor recognized Covered 6’s security training and innovation with their first National Standard Award in 2018. 

The training programs have been useful to SWAT teams, military special operations units, police, and security personnel. The students, including civilians, learn responsible firearm use in a hands-on environment supplemented with scenario-based simulations. 

The instructors, most with extensive law enforcement and military backgrounds, provide classes in defensive tactics and arms training, tactical training, and personal safety. 

“There are no manuals in this industry,” said Chris. “But training the few to protect the many, on a national level, is our mission.” 

Hiring Your Own Firefighters                                        

Private-hire firefighters also train at the academy. During recent wildfires, Covered 6 provided this unusual protection service to homeowners in Malibu and Hidden Hills. They are expanding plans to offer a subscription-based homeowner service.

The affordable, yet effective, Savior Ballistic Shield offered by Covered 6 is an inconspicuous protective device that deploys instantly. It has been very popular with judges, high-level executives, and school safety personnel operating in high-risk environments. 

Covered 6 is also building a reputation for cybersecurity training. Their 5-week accredited vocational program provides technical skills training to counter cyber threats. Coursework includes responses to drone operations and geofencing. 

Military veterans comprise 85% of the program’s applicants, and Covered 6 claims an 87% job placement rate for graduates. The company is also interested in helping returning veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder as they reintegrate into civilian life. 

Civilians may also participate in self-defense classes and situational awareness training.  The academy’s A.D.A.P.T. program (Awareness and Defense Against Physical Threat) is especially popular with students going overseas for education. Special classes are also offered for women.

While civilians often reach for firearms as their first line of defense, Chris recommends alternative defense maneuvers. “It’s best to diffuse or avoid a situation by first talking to an aggressor—creating space and time to withdraw and escape from a potentially dangerous encounter,” he says. If a weapon does become necessary,  he recommends a taser as a good alternative. Academy education ensures its proper use.

As the world encounters new and ever-changing threats, Americans are seeking ways to respond. They want resources to help protect their families and neighbors. Covered 6 provides training in self-reliance and safety to help our community members be prepared. 

Safety Tips for Civilians 

When it’s time to “circle the wagons,” Covered 6 has some suggestions for protection and safety.

  1. Identify the potential threat.
  2. Create a strategy to address the threat.
  3. Do not pass off the solution to someone else; take charge of the situation.
  4. Develop your community. Identify like-minded people and their strengths, and build your relationships with them.
  5. Engage your kids, educating them now about your plan. It is tough to do so at the last minute and in panic mode.
  6. Most importantly, just get started! ( has great information.) There is no time like the present to begin because “hope is not a plan.”

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