* Cast Your Ballot 2020


For the upcoming 2020 November general elections, Governor Newsom issued an executive order requiring every registered voter in California to receive a vote-by-mail ballot.

If you have not received a mail-in ballot by October 16, 2020, contact the Ventura County Recorder’s office. 

There are multiple other ways to vote. In-person voting is the recommended method of voting. 

1. Early in-person voting began October 6 and will continue until October 30. 

For registered Ventura County voters, your early voting center is the Ventura County Election Division Office at 800 Victoria Rd, Ventura, CA 93003. 

The employees and security guards at the courthouse will guide you to the entrance for in-person voting stations. 

When you enter the early in-person voting station, ask the attendant for a printed paper ballot. It is recommended that you surrender your mail-in ballot to be destroyed, but that is not a requirement in order to receive your printed paper ballot from the voting center. Make sure you are not given a provisional ballot. 

2. There is also voting in person for four days leading up to the election, October 31 to November 3. 

You can vote in person at multiple polling locations across the county. You are no longer assigned to a particular voting location. 

Conejo Valley Voting locations: Newbury Park High School, Sycamore Canyon School, North Ranch Community Center, Cal Lutheran University Lundring Events Center, Conejo Valley Adult School, Fred Kavli Theater, Goebel Adult Community Center main hall, La Quinta Inn, and Thousand Oaks High School.

Please go to the following website for a comprehensive list of in-person voting locations for the whole county: https://recorder.countyofventura.org/elections/elections/voter-information/polling-place-locations/

3. To return your vote-by-mail ballot, it is recommended you drop it off at a ballot drop box. 

Each of the in-person voting locations has ballot drop boxes in addition to other ballot drop boxes throughout the County. 

Please go to the same website as above for a comprehensive list of ballot drop box locations:


Vote-by-mail ballots may compare your signature against your signature on file, and if it doesn’t match, your ballot may be rejected. 

4. Do not give your ballot to someone you do not trust, and do not let someone else fill out your ballot for you.  

5. If you choose not to vote in this election, destroy your ballot so that it cannot be used by someone else. Do not just throw it away: burn it, shred it, and/or ”Sharpie” over it. 


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