* Thousand Oaks Native in Space Force


U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Hanah Abercrombie

Thousand Oaks native, 2nd Lt. Olivia Gillingham, became the first United States Space Force (USSF) member at the Vandenberg Air Force Base located in Santa Barbara. 

Gillingham was a graduate from Grace Brethren High School in 2015 where she played varsity softball for four years and participated in many other school activities. After graduating, she moved on to the prestigious United States Air Force Academy where she pursued a BS in biology.

After being commissioned, Gillingham was assigned as an acquisitions manager to the 2nd Space Launch Squadron (2 SLS). As an acquisitions manager, Gillingham’s job is to make sure that equipment and resources get where they need to go within her area of control. 

“A week before graduation my commander called me into his office,” said Gillingham in an interview with Senior Airman Hanah Abercrombie. “He asked if I would like to commission into the Space Force…and I said ‘yes!’ I am very grateful to be assigned to the 2 SLS at Vandenberg for my first duty station.”

With the 2 SLS, Gillingham is part of a team whose job is to make sure that launches are successful. This is called mission assurance. 

“The 2 SLS is extremely excited to welcome Lieutenant Gillingham to our team,” said Lt. Col. Brian Chatman, 2 SLS Commander, to Senior Airman Hanah Abercrombie. “The 2 SLS will continue to drive USSF innovation by evaluating, integrating, operating, and facilitating emerging and current space launch and landing operations with USSF, like Lieutenant Gillingham.”


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