Jaron Micah Music “Hold Fast”

Jaron Micah Bundy is no ordinary seventeen-year-old teenager. While others have played video games and spent me in the pool, Jaron has been working on his debut EP titled “Hold Fast” which was released Friday, June 26 th. This refreshing worship music from a young local artist comes at a time when the world needs a little solace amidst such chaos. “Everyone has been impacted by these past few months,” Jaron says, “personally it’s been a trying time as I’ve sensed myself and others greatly need rays of hope among the tremendous hurt and disappointments. It’s my prayer that these songs bless the hearts and minds of those who listen and can identify with finding peace in the midst of such troubling times.” Jaron, a local of Simi Valley, started playing classical piano at the age of five, and by the time he was eleven, he began to expand his talent to other instruments. When asked where his inspiration comes from, Jaron points to his special needs brother, Caleb, who was born with muscular dystrophy and autism. Regarding his brother, Jaron states, “Although Caleb’s disabilities bring many challenges in our lives, he is the center and light of our family and a tremendous blessing.” 

Pastor Shawn Thornton, Senior Pastor of Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village recently interviewed Jaron about his upcoming release and had these kind words to say, “I’ve been surprised at your age as a young man that you have so much heart in the songs you write and even how you interpret scripture in the music itself…” In the interview, Jaron goes on to attribute that “heart” to his brother Caleb and how growing up with him has given him great perspective to write from. Jaron is entering his senior year at Hillcrest Christian School where he offers many talents including football, basketball, and helping lead worship in the worship band. Jaron also is the worship intern at Malibu Pacific Church where he has loved working and learning under worship leader Josh Kauffman. Jaron seeks to further his passion for music upon graduation, hoping to attend music school at Belmont University with aspirations of being a music producer. 

To find out more about Jaron and his music, visit his website at jaronmicahmusic.com or follow him on Instagram or Facebook @jaronmicahmusic.

Spotify: “Hold Fast” album by Jaron Micah Music

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