* One heart, one hope, beautiful outcomes


Daniel and Heather Fowler, co-founders of Child Hope Services, have served and supported thousands of foster kids, youths and families in Ventura County and the surrounding counties. Child Hope Services was birthed out of the Fowlers’ experience of being foster parents themselves. With three biological children of their own, their journey began as they saw the great need for foster care in their own community.

“I cannot begin to explain what it is like to bring broken, helpless, confused and emotional kids into your home” Heather said. “The help provided to us by friends and family was critical when calls for placement resulted in kiddos coming into our home in a matter of hours, and resources were needed. On the days and weeks that were emotionally overwhelming and we needed a shoulder to cry on, and when the future with the kids in our care seemed very unclear, the support from those around us was a continual reminder that we were not doing this alone.”

The Fowlers have since adopted two biological half-sisters and have taken much of what they learned in the early days of placements to bring love and support to those who are saying “yes” to inviting vulnerable children into their homes. Child Hope was born when they knew they wanted to give others what their family and friends had given them during their early experience in providing foster care.

They accomplish this through three avenues: The Hope Fund, Hope Chest and Hope Community. The Hope Fund enables families to become certified, while also providing resources such as beds, cribs, car seats and other essential items.

The Hope Chest offers support during those critical first moments of placement by giving clothing and other necessary items to a family for their foster child. Hope Community is their avenue for hosting events throughout the year, providing a place for encouragement and drawing like-minded families together.

“Our hope is to walk alongside foster families, helping them overcome hurdles, while helping them to realize their role in response to the foster care need,” Daniel says. “We want to support those that are boldly stepping into the life of a child, as they provide them with love, hope and opportunity.”

Local foster mom Bethany Buller says she “was overwhelmed by the many unknowns of welcoming a child into our home. Child Hope Services provided not only our physical needs, but they gave us support that helped calm any fears and allowed us to know we were not alone. … They gave us confidence to keep moving forward.”

Simi Valley foster mom Rochelle Hansen says of Child Hope, “There isn’t anything they wouldn’t do if I needed it. Within days of receiving my foster placement, Heather was at my doorstep with bottles of formula. Yes, they meet the tangible needs like diapers and wipes, but those things are partnered with encouragement, prayer, empathy and a listening ear. There’s no denying that their heart is to love people. They are always there to help.”

Daniel says the goal is to see needs and respond to them.

“We understand we are not all called to do the same thing, but we have different roles to play,” he says. “As we step into our roles, together we create beautiful outcomes.” 

To learn more about Child Hope Services visit childhopeservices.org


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